25 Best offline Android games 2024

Looking for new offline games to play in 2024? Then, you’ve come to the right video.

In an era dominated by online games, it’s somewhat difficult to find quality offline games for Android.

That’s why we’ve selected 25 new games that don’t require an Internet connection to play.


The best ones are listed first, which are games that truly deserve your attention and that you need to know, the others are more casual games, but ideal for playing anywhere.

Also, check out our other videos of offline games from previous years, because unlike other channels, we don’t keep listing old games as if they were new.

No beating around the bush, let’s get to the list.







Android Offline Games 2024

1 – Death’s Door

Many were intrigued by our video of the best games of the second half of 2023.

Released at the very end of the year, Death’s Door is an action-adventure game with unique combat and top-notch exploration.

A perfect offline game to start 2024 on the right foot, or not.

In control of a crow, the player works as a soul collector. After defeating the first boss, it seems like everything is going well on the first day of work, until “bam,” you are robbed by a mysterious enemy.

The game features fluid combat, bosses to face, and puzzles to unlock new scenarios.

A typical offline game ideal for completion. Death’s Door is entirely in Portuguese.

Death’s Door on Google Play

2 – GTA The Trilogy

The GTA The Trilogy remaster collection arrived at the end of 2023, making a lot of noise.

There are 3 incredible games worth playing as they are officially translated into Portuguese.

The games are available through Netflix Games, which is free for subscribers, as well as for purchase.

Yes, I know, it’s quite expensive, but I also know that you’re going to turn to the captain, right?

Anyway, these games have received several visual improvements, increased NPC and car density.

This mobile version arrived much better than the console versions and impressed many.

Definitely worth the download, especially to play properly and get to know the story.

Links for downloading each game:

GTA 3 – Android and iOS

GTA Vice City – Android and iOS

GTA San Andreas – Android and iOS

3 – Plump

Developed by a Brazilian studio, Plump takes inspiration from those bonus stages of Sonic 1 and turns it into a creative puzzle.

The player actually controls the world and must move it so that the character can collect items and find the exit.

The game is quite simple, but it’s completely free and offline.

Let’s support the national developers, download it and leave a comment on Google Play.

Plump on Google Play

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4 – Goat Simulator 3

Our list of the best mobile games of 2023 left out this game here, after all, 2023 was a very top year for those who like to play on their phones.

This time, Coffee Stain simply went crazy and put the complete game on smartphones without any conversion.

This game is the same as on consoles and it’s extremely heavy. It’s very poorly optimized, even if you have a top-of-the-line phone, you might suffer a bit and perhaps have to reduce the graphics considerably.

Despite that, this game is quite funny and very fun to play offline.

Goat Simulator 3 on Google Play

5 – Little Nightmares

If there’s a game that seems like it was made for mobile, it’s Little Nightmares. The game tells the story of Six, a girl trapped in a mysterious ship.

By solving puzzles, she discovers she’s not alone on the premises. A unique combination of suspense and puzzle.

A very creative game with no dialogue or hints, you have to figure everything out on your own.

I won’t say any more to avoid spoilers, it’s a fantastic game and worth every penny.

A very good game, worth getting to know.

Little Nightmares on Google Play

6 – SpongeBob: The Cosmic Shake

SpongeBob and his friends are back for another adventure full of mishaps.

This very fun platform game is the typical 3D game of collecting items and facing cute enemies.

The game is entirely in Portuguese and even dubbed. A perfect game to play offline.

Also, check out the previous game, Battle for Bikini Bottom, which follows the same proposal and we’ve already talked about here on the channel.

SpongeBob: The Cosmic Shake on Google Play

7 – Hitman Blood Money Reprisal

This classic from PS2 and Xbox arrives on mobiles in a remastered version with great graphics.

Hitman Blood Money Reprisal is a game of action and non-action. Let me explain.

If you’ve never played Hitman, and think you can just go around shooting everyone, sorry to inform, you’re going to struggle a lot.

This is a stealth game, where you’ll need to use your brain to complete missions by eliminating as few people as possible.

The game is full of unique mechanics such as walking in disguise, among other things I can’t say or YouTube will flag it.

In short, an essential game for those who want to play a unique and different offline game.

Hitman Blood Money Reprisal on Google Play

8 – My Memory Of Us

My Memory of Us is actually an old game that was released on iOS a long time ago, and it appeared on TapTap for Android for a few days.

The game can be found on APK sites and is worth checking out.

With a narrative set in World War II, the game tells a story from the viewpoint of two friends – a boy and a girl living in a city during the occupation.

9 – Quest Hunter

Quest Hunter is an RPG with action and adventure elements. Released in 2019, the game recently arrived on mobile and stands out for its accessible gameplay.

Explore an island collecting items for your survival. The game features a progression system and real-time action combat. There are enemies, puzzles, and treasures to discover on this island.

The game is focused on multiplayer, but it is possible to play offline by choosing the single-player option. The version available on Google Play is a demo, and after some time, you need to pay to continue.

Quest Hunter on Google Play



10 – Witch Cry

Witch Cry is a short but very fun game.

Trapped by a witch, your goal is to escape from the place. To do that, you need to solve puzzles that won’t be so obvious.

The controls could be better because the game really requires you to know exactly how to solve things.

The game is best played offline because the challenge becomes much greater without any help, and any mistake means starting over.

Witch Cry on Google Play



11 – Indian Bikes Driving 3D

What’s this, GTA 6 for mobile?

No, this is Indian Bike 3D.

This game with good graphics is a motorcycle and vehicle simulation game. Drive through a city inspired by Indian settings.

The game has good graphics and features various NPCs and other vehicles on the streets, but like any GTA clone on Google Play, it lacks much to do in this game.

There is no story, but fortunately, it includes modes like time trials and mini-missions.

Indian Bike 3D on Google Play



12 – Mafia Noir – Stealth

“The streets aren’t what they used to be, Betsy.”

Okay, in real life, you’re not an investigator in Los Angeles in the 1930s, but in Mafia Noir – Stealth, you are.

This simulation game puts you in the shoes of an investigator.

With elements of stealth action and driving, your goal is to combat organized crime.

This one was actually a pleasant surprise because in these 3D action games made by CHI Games, we usually have really bad gameplay.

But Mafia Noir is not too bad.

Mafia Noir – Stealth on Google Play




13 – Blade of God

Okay, this one sort of breaks our rule of only talking about new games. But can you believe we’ve never mentioned Blade of God here on the channel before?

With a somewhat God of War and Devil May Cry vibe.

The game first appeared in 2017 and is still going strong.

Sure, in the sequel, the company went for something more in the Souls and Nier style, but Blade of God is still a good offline game to play on your mobile.

Blade of God APK




14 – Principles


Principles is actually just a demo of an upcoming game.

With next-generation graphics and gameplay focused on solving puzzles, this game looks like a current-generation console game.

That’s why it’s ridiculously heavy on Android.

In this demo, the goal is to explore the environment, uncovering its secrets.

The demo is short but leaves you wanting more.

The only problem is that you’ll need a NASA-level smartphone to play it.




15 – Miya

Miya is an action game with hack ‘n’ slash combat in the style of Nier Automata, but with waves of enemies only.

The graphics are very nice, but the stages are somewhat generic, it’s always this arena or a variation of it.

The objective is to defeat all enemies and bosses to unlock new abilities and, also, to unlock all the outfits.

That’s right, there’s no story, the deal here is to defeat everyone to get all the clothes.

Miya on Google Play

16 – Only Up Go Parkour

This is the best Only Up clone you’ll find on mobile phones.

The challenge is the same as the popular indie game; climb as high as you can without falling.

The scenarios in this game are vast, and the climb will be enormous.

A very good clone, but unfortunately, the developer made a mistake in the name, and that caused the game to be removed from Google Play.

But we have the link, of course!





17 – Emergency

Emergency is a strategy and simulation game that puts the player in charge of rescue operations.

The proposal is very innovative, and this game is a lot of fun.

Perform emergency rescues by coordinating your team.

The scenarios vary from building fires to traffic accidents and even natural disasters.

Emergency on Google Play




18 – Truck Simulator PRO USA

A driving simulation game with trucks.

Something we’ve seen quite a bit on Android, with several top games.

The highlight of Truck Simulator PRO USA goes to its missions.

The game is more focused on modest devices, with simpler visuals, but it still offers a large open world.

A very good game of its genre, and they did well in balancing the graphics.

Truck Simulator PRO USA on Google Play




19 – The Dead Inside

It’s incredible how this kind of theme gets people excited. Folks are crazy about games like this.

This one at least has some missions and a fairly large environment to explore.

The downside here is the graphics; the game looks quite ugly, but for those who enjoy an offline zombie game with a large setting, it’s what’s available today. It’s much better when you play it, as there are several missions.

APK Link




20 – Car Parking Multiplayer

A car parking game is always good.

The thing about Car Parking is that the game is in first person.

So it’s good for you to start practicing how to drive.

The game has multiplayer in its name, but it’s an offline game with lots of missions.

21 – Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is an adventure game with a visual set in the pages of a book.

The game combines adventure and puzzle elements and invites you to embark on a unique narrative with innovative mechanics.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page on Google Play




21 – Bug Heroes: Tower Defense

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is a tower defense game with an insect theme.

Developed by Foursaken Media, the game arrived on mobile devices in November 2023.

There are 10 different insects to use on the battlefield, each with various unique abilities.

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense on Google Play



22 – Gangster Town Story

This is an alternative for those who don’t have the money or a powerful enough phone to run the GTA Definitive Editions.

The game has a good story and cool missions. It even seems like a worthy GTA clone.

This is how Gangstar New Orleans should have been.

Gangster Town Story on Google Play




23 – Bloody Fight

Bloody Fight is a 3D street fighting game.

If you’re looking for a 3D street fighting game to play on your Android, don’t miss out on Bloody Fight. The game, which resembles a 3D version of the classic Final Fight, features beautiful graphics and fun gameplay. One of the great advantages of Bloody Fight is that it’s offline, meaning you can play without needing an internet connection. Download it now and start fighting!

Bloody Fight on Google Play




24 – Misguided Never Back Home

Misguided: Never Back Home is a third-person action and horror game. Developed by the Indonesian producer, JEVO Games, the game puts the player in the shoes of Silvia, a high school girl trapped in a mystical world. This game is quite reminiscent of White Day but instead of playing as a guy, you play as a girl in search of her best friend. Misguided has multiple endings depending on the player’s choices. Unlike other games, Misguided is inspired by Indonesian folklore, so don’t expect to encounter traditional ghosts.

Misguided: Never Back Home on Google Play



And here we end our list of offline games to play in 2024. Did you like the content? Leave a like or share it with friends. Enjoy your gaming!



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