25 Best Offline Games for Android 2021

To start the year 2021 well, we have selected the best offline games for Android.

If you are looking for games with action, with history or realistic graphics, you have just found it. No “clickbait” and no deception.

In this first article there will be 25 incredible offline games that do not require an internet connection at all. Believe me, we tested them all before posting.

The list has it all: free games, paid games, heavy games and lighter ones.


So without any problems, let’s go to games.

Oops but calm there buddy!

A warning here. I know you should already know Pascal’s Wager, this phenomenal action RPG here, which looks like Dark Souls.


Pascal’s Wager é um excelente game, mas exige internet ao iniciar.

Beautiful thing, right?

Hmm, a lot of people say he’s offline right? Not exactly.

On the date of publication of this video, the game still asks for an internet connection to start. Because of this, he will be cut off from the list. But be sure to check out this game too.

Disclosure given? Let’s go to the list!

1. BattleOps

We started our top 2021 best offline games with this great find. BattleOps is an offline shooting game, something rare to see today.

In case you don’t remember, we made a video about it back in 2018. And since that year, very few offline shooters have been launched.

BattleOps drinks directly from the source of games like Black (that PS2 classic), Call of Duty Black Ops and, why not, Modern Combat. The game is focused on missions.

Currently BattleOps has a chapter with nine phases, but another 4 chapters are planned to be released soon.

The scenarios are very detailed and full of enemies. You can see that the game producer wanted to make a title that really draws attention, something that is missing on mobile. And he hit the bull’s-eye!


2. Crash Metal

It’s not Ray Tracing, but Crash Metal’s lighting effect is pretty cool.

This racing game for Android is offline and one of the best releases of its kind in the last year.

Crash Metal presents a city full of missions. You can drive freely around the city and choose which mission or race to take.

In each race, you earn virtual money that can be used to buy new cars or equip your machine.

Customization is something of the game. You can customize a lot and it reminds you of classics like Need for Speed Most Wanted and Underground.

However, the races are not that exciting. But it is worth downloading to collect all the cars and check the customization system. Very cool!


3. TauCeti

And if the subject is jaw-dropping graphics, what about the technical demo by TauCeti (I don’t know how to pronounce this bagasse).

You will need a big smartphone to be able to run this game in all its glory.

Did I say game? In reality TauCeti is a technical demo to show the potential of the project that BadFly Interactive is working on.

The game is not ready yet, but we can expect a futuristic shooter with beautiful graphics.

The technical demo is free and 100% offline. There are two versions, one with Vulkan and the other with OpenGL, compatibility will depend on the version of your Android smartphone.


4. BloodStained

Now let’s talk about offline game, that kind of game you buy (or download the APK out there, that I’m connected to you) and spend hours, days, weeks to zero.

BloodStained is an action and platform game made by one of the creators of Castlevania Symphony of The Night, Mr. Koji Igarashi.

Upon leaving Konami, IGA, as he is known, decided to create the “ultimate Castlevania” and the result is BloodStained.

This game was released for consoles in 2019 and arrived on Android and iOS in the very end of 2020.

The launch was a bit troubled, but BloodStained went through two updates that greatly improved the game’s performance on Android.

Still, this is a heavy offline game. But it is very worth checking out. A game that starts simple, but turns out to be a gigantic title.

You can wait at least about 30 hours of gameplay to get to the end of this vampire adventure.


5. Archero / Dashero: Sword & Magic

Archero was released in 2019, but the craze for this offline game for Android exploded only in 2020. And if you still don’t know this type of game, 2021 is the best time.

Archero literally created a new subgenre, that of the “Shoot’em ups Roguelike”, a mix of action, shooter, RPG and puzzle games.

In this style of game, you control a character who shoots only when standing still. They are micro-phases in which you earn power-ups with each victory. When you are defeated, go back to the beginning, but until then you have accumulated some coins for your next run.

An easy game to play, it is possible to control with just one hand, and still offers an addictive challenge.

Other companies have already created their versions of “êro” like Dashero, in which you control a hero with a sword that also unleashes magic.

And there’s also the latest disappointment from the crowd, Tomb Raider Reloaded.

Many thought that the new game from Lara Croft would be a remake of the mobile franchise, but in reality it is just an Archero with the beautiful girl. Still, all 3 games are worth downloading.


6. Sins Of Miami Gangster

In the wake of the success of GTA we have Sins Of Miami Gangster. This offline action game only exists to satisfy that you have already played GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas in all ways unimaginable and yet you are still not satisfied.

Sins Of Miami Gangster imitates some situations in GTA V, but it is useless to say that it looks like the classic.

The most we have here is fleeting fun. Even so, the people at Aril Labs managed to put some of the irreverence and personality of GTA V in a game with missions and very modest graphics.

This game is that typical free GTA clone that is very light and ideal to run on any phone. Even better if it’s offline, right?


7. Project Racer

Project Racer is a game still in development that has been dubbed by many as a Real Racing 4.

The game has beautiful graphics and an accessible and challenging gameplay.

It is possible to see an effort worthy of our admiration, because the guy who is creating this game should literally give a soul to the people who made that horrible Project Cars GO.

Project Racer is still in development, but has a promising future, as long as the game is not released, you can check the beta version at the link in the description.


8. Operation Virus

In these crazy times in which we live, people in the America have the strange habit of accumulating toilet paper, which leads us to the strange game called Operation Virus.

Yes, that’s what you’re seeing. Behind these sensational graphics and all this gloomy ambiance, there are giant molecules and a machine for throwing paper rolls.

The graphics are impressive and the game is open world. However, it is worth remembering that the enemies are just the same ones.


9. Gameloft Classics

Did Gameloft do a favor to launch a collection of offline games right after we launched our video about light games? Thanks, Gameloft.

But seriously, this is a real gift for mobile gaming fans. Gameloft Classics brings 20 incredible java games that the company launched for those old phones.

The time has come to kill those classics of one of the most important companies in the history of mobile games.

All games are available for free and with no built-in purchase.

Games like Hero of Sparta, Gangstar, Soul of Darkness and many others. All in Portuguese.

Be sure to check this record of the history of mobile games.


10. Real Moto 2

Have you ever thought what a Real Racing motorcycle would be like? The answer could be Real Moto 2.

This motorcycle game is betting on a more realistic grip, and this can disappoint those who expected a little more speed.

The real strength of Real Moto 2 is the challenge. Offline mode is GP Campain mode. In it, the player goes 4 championships with 14 races each. As you win, you can unlock new equipment for your bike or buy new bikes. But other than that, the game owes itself in many ways.

Let’s be honest here.

It seems that since 2016 companies have unlearned how to create motorcycle games. Most games are very weak.

I know the year is 2021, but even today I can’t help recommending SBK 16. This is an excellent motorcycle game. Great graphics, in Portuguese, several modes and it works round even in old cell phones. If you didn’t know this game, be sure to check it out.


11. Dead Cells

Dead Cells is an acclaimed “Metroidvania” that delivers a different task: to die, to die and to die.

But calm down, in this game death is not an end.

The game has a unique formula. With each new journey, that is, each time you die, the scenario changes a little, but the structure of the scenarios remains familiar. This happens so that some items and enemies move, and makes each “run” unique.

But don’t be afraid to die a lot, each time your character will acquire more “cells” or “souls” and become stronger. Dead Cells is also about collecting resources and building the best build you can imagine.

With beautiful pixel art, gameplay that gets frantic with tough bosses, Dead Cells is a game that will bring out the best in the player.

Don’t be fooled by the appearance, Dead Cells is an almost infinite game, to finish the main story, it will take you about 13 hours, but to complete all the extras, have all the weapons and equipment, you can book around 80 hours of your life.


12. BiBi World / Fall Dudes

With the release of Fall Guys, a lot of people rushed to create an Android version.

Interestingly, it has been successful, offline games similar to Fall Guys.


Crazy? I thought so, too, but it’s not that these games are good hobbies.

Among these offline games, the coolest one is BiBi World. He is one of the few where the game really offers a fun challenge and the opponents’ AI is not a mule.

The scheme is the same as for Fall Guys, a colorful competition, where the first winner wins.

But in Bibi World, the characters are not so silly. They run a lot!

The controls have a button to accelerate and when jumping, the characters can do a pirouette in the air.

The game for now is completely offline, but you can see that the company is working to bring a solid online multiplayer mode, with the right to assemble teams to compete.


13. Slap Kings

Is there anything funnier than those championships where people beat each other in the face?

Have! Play a game like this!

In Slap Kings, you will participate in a unique competition: whoever taps and knocks down your opponent wins.

The game is very funny. With each round of tabefes, the characters become more and more disoriented.

As you win in this game, you can increase your character with more resistance and strength, and of course, with the right to a special tap.

A very fun and very good game to play offline.


14. Misk Schools Quest

Misk Schools Quest is a 3D action game in which you control a kind of astronaut. I’m pretty sure the developer was inspired by Mass Effect Andromeda.

But instead of traveling through the galaxy, in this game, you complete missions inside a city floating in the sky.

The story involves a distant future, the year 3020 (will it be? Will the world not end in 2021?). Humans created robots to take care of simple aspects of their lives. But now these robots have turned against humanity.

Your mission is to face these AIs and heal the robots, thus saving the city from Alpha Cloud.


15. DLS 21

There is a football game that will forever be marked as the best game of its kind on Android. And that game is Dream League Soccer.

He may not have the best graphics, or the greatest number of players, and he may not be the one with the greatest club license, but if there’s one thing the First Touch Games team knows, it’s listening to the fans.

In the middle of 2021, who knew they would still play an offline football game?

In DLS 21 you can play campaign mode offline and then “record” the matches when you are online. The game also allows you to play as many demonstration matches as you like and also train to improve your skills without a field.

Of course, not everything is perfect, but to play offline it is a good.


16. Otherworld Legends

Otherworld Legends is a roguelike that mixes beating and RPG. Control a group of heroes trapped in the strange mirage palace.

We started the fighting with a girl who soon shows that she is tough in the fall.

Progressing in this game is easy and nice, as the stages are short. And no automatic controls, here you will want to solve everything by hand.

As you evolve, you unlock new characters and moves, and everything can be acquired with diamonds earned in the game itself.

And what would a game like that be without boss battles. You can expect some tough guys on this adventure.

The cool part of Otherworld Legends, is the fact that the game has these animated comics that set the story.


17. Dual Souls / Slashers

In Dual Souls we have another beautiful example of a game with incredible gameplay, but not so much graphics.

The look of this fighting game will disappoint some, but the gameplay, mechanics and combos of Dual Souls are a show apart.

Control fighters in a game that will teach you all the principles of modern fighting games.

Dual Souls is a different fighting game. You don’t have to pay anything. But you will have to do the tutorials and win fights in order to unlock the other characters.


18. Cracke Rush Runner

What? An endless runner at the list? How dare you!

Easy, Cracke Rush Runner is a very funny offline game in which you control a super protective ostrich parent. He wants to recover his children, but he will have to run a lot.

The funniest part is when he picks up special pepper and runs at full speed. In addition to this pepper, it is possible to collect power ups that grant extra powers to the character and that make him go faster or collect eggs more easily.

The art of the game resembles films like ice age. I’m almost sure that this game is based on some animation, does anyone know?


19. Warhammer 40k: Dakka Squadron

The Warhammer 40 thousand series always surprises by the variety of games in which it is involved.

In case you don’t remember, we already talked about it in our video of 100 free offline games. In this case, it was a shooting game with robots, Warhammer 40 thousand: Freeblade.

At the very end of 2020, the franchise struck again with the launch of Dakka Squadron. A game with planes very different from what we are used to on Android.

The game has history and missions. Join the crazy orcs and upgrade each plane to make it even more aggressive.

There are about 20 stages in total.

Ah, the game is paid, but it can be played for free if you subscribe to the Google Play Pass. Don’t know what the Google Play Pass is? Take a look at our best games video for this new Google service.


20. MM2

Go ahead, look to the side … It’s not the game of Carreta Furacão!

MM2 is probably the craziest bus game on Google Play. Full of neons and even the GTA V Trevor skin, in this game, you will participate in the bus race.

How about drifting on a bus?

A simple game to pass the time and that doesn’t require much of the player to unlock all skins and buses.


21. Ultimate Carnage 2

Still on the theme of cars, I don’t need to say what Ultimate Carnage 2 looks like right?

For those who didn’t care, this game is a great tribute to the PlayStation 2 Burnout series.

Just drive your car and throw yourself in the traffic for total annihilation. Then just watch the disaster happen.

To improve, I mean, to get worse, you can still blow up your car, which will make the disaster even worse. Does the game have a damage counter, which is how much damage has been done to private and public properties you have already caused?

What are you waiting for?


22. Roll the Box Puzzle

Roll the Box Puzzle is the typical game that when solving a puzzle you will feel like the smartest person in the world.

In this game, you must roll the cubes so that they fit their sides in the marked locations.

It seems difficult? But calm down that the game will start very easily and the difficulty will increase as you pass the level. Very light, so you don’t get stressed.

This game reminds me of a classic for Java phones, Edge.


23. Cookie Must die

Cookies Must Die is a very crazy game in which you must face mutant cookies. You are super secret agent (and not discreet) Jack. With “Angry Birds” style gameplay, Jack throws himself from side to side, detonating enemies.

The story goes like this: scientists were experimenting when they unintentionally created the mutant Cookies.

To stop them, they create the “perfect” being, a bearded, evil-faced guy who hates cookies.

Like any casual game, Cookies Must Die starts out easy, but then things get complicated. The game has a simple system of stages: there are 4 short stages and a boss at the end of each cycle of 5 stages.


24. Boris and the Dark Survival

Boris and the Dark Survival is a 3D adventure game with scenarios generated in a procedural way. In other words, with each “move”, the scenario is recreated.

In this game you play with Boris, Bendy’s fellow wolf. Collect 6 items to escape, but beware, the ink demon will be on your glue. Search the scenes for items and try not to get caught by the demon.

Boris and the Dark Survival was released at the beginning of last year, but it won three DLCs throughout the year, all of which are already available by the time you buy this game.

Yes, the game is paid, but it usually goes into promotion often, so stay on the website that we always post the best paid games on promotion.


25. Very Little Nightmares

Launched in 2020 to be the mobile version of Little Nightmares, Very Little Nightmares changes the perspective of the adventure, but delivers a very cute and macabre game at the same time.

This adventure game has many puzzle elements, where you accompany a little girl who will solve these puzzles while walking through a strange world.

Very Little Nightmares is like a “Monument Valley” but with that cute macabre tone.

The Alike Studio game was published by Bandai Namco. Look at this, an offline Namco game for mobile? The world is no longer the same!

And for what is only personal.

I hope you enjoyed this list. As usual, our thanks to those who watched the video, ops, read the article so far.

Soon there will be more, this year, we will dedicate 100% to the YouTube channel. Many new features are coming. Wait.

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