See GTA V running NATIVELY on the POCO F3 at 30FPS, thanks to MOBOX

In an impressive technological leap for gaming enthusiasts, the renowned title GTA V may soon be playable natively on smartphones. This milestone has been achieved thanks to the innovative MOBOX project, which promises to revolutionize the way PC games are experienced on mobile devices.

What is MOBOX?

Mobox is an application project aimed at simplifying the execution of Windows programs and x86 architecture games on Android devices using the Box64 emulator and Wine compatibility layer.

Differentiating itself from other projects like Winlator, MOBOX offers a performance gain of up to 500%. Leveraging Vulkan technology, the project enables the execution of PC games at higher resolutions and better performance on mobile devices. This represents a significant improvement compared to previous attempts to port PC games to mobile platforms.


And we already have the first results from the new version of MOBOX.

Project link:

Note: Be cautious not to confuse this Mobox, the emulator, with a cryptocurrency. 😅

MOBOX Already Runs GTA V and Other Games

This development not only opens doors for more AAA game ports to Android but also highlights the growing potential of smartphones as viable gaming platforms. With MOBOX, playing PC games on mobile phones is no longer a distant idea but an impressive and accessible reality.

A YouTube user posted a video of GTA V running at 25-30fps on a POCO F3 with 8GB of RAM. The video is short because after some time, the smartphone’s RAM becomes full, and the game automatically closes. However, witnessing the game running at 720p on a mobile device is impressive and demonstrates that the future of mobile gaming is approaching.

Players interested in trying GTA V on the POCO F3 should be aware that, despite the advancements, it is an unofficial port. Therefore, caution is recommended, especially when considering potential implications when playing online with modified software.

Watch GTA V running on the POCO F3 in the video below:

MOBOX: NFS Rivals/ 19-28fps/ SD870/ Poco F3:

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