How to Play EVERY FALLOUT Games on Android

Did you know it’s possible to play all games from the Fallout franchise on your Android phone? See how easy it is to enjoy the Wasteland in this fun post-apocalyptic dystopia. With the success of the Fallout streaming series, mobile gamers, many fans must be thinking that it’s not possible to play any game from … Read more

Top FiveM Roleplay Servers for Immersive GTA 5 Stories

Grand Theft Auto 5’s immense open world lends itself perfectly to roleplaying. FiveM multiplayer servers build on that foundation by enabling player-driven storytelling and creativity on a massive scale. Among the wide range of FiveM mods and servers available, these 5 options stand out for offering exceptional roleplay experiences where you can live out unique … Read more

What’s Current CS2 Weapon Meta?

CS2 is a dynamic game that continuously evolves, influenced by player strategies, game updates, and balancing changes. Understanding the current weapon meta is crucial for players looking to stay competitive and optimize their loadouts. In this article, we’ll delve into the current CS2 weapon meta, analyzing the most popular and effective choices across different weapon … Read more

Gamesir X2s – new affordable controller with “Switch” grip for Android and iOS

GameSir, a global leader in gaming accessories, announces the launch of the GameSir X2s type-C Controller. The controller, which is compatible with Android phones and iPhones, is the affordable version of the pricier models. Much cheaper than the G8 Galileo, X2 Pro, and X3, the GameSir X2s is an enhanced version of the old X2 … Read more

Someone ported Infinity Blade to PC (WINDOWS)

You remember the Infinity Blade? The game for iOS released in 2010 that amazed the gaming industry? The title at the time had graphics that rivaled the PS3 and Xbox 360 and made its way to mobile devices with versions for iPhone and iPad. Well, Infinity Blade has just received an unofficial version for Windows, … Read more

Counter War: The Future (Nizhan Future) – NEW SHOOTER FROM TENCENT

Tencent Games, known for its successful titles like PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings, is about to launch a new futuristic shooter game, Counter War: The Future (original name: 逆战:未来-逆战手游). The title, which can also be called Reverse War: The Future (Nizhan Future), recently opened its pre-registration in China. Developed by TiMi Studios, the game … Read more

Adventurers: Mobile – mobile game reminiscent of Uncharted

The game Adventurers: Mobile, developed by Raven Illusion studio, is now available for Android and iOS. Combining elements of shooter, puzzle-solving, and exploration, the game promises to offer a story-focused experience with a wacky yet fun plot. In Adventurers: Mobile, players are transported to vibrant landscapes of West Africa, traversing bustling markets, dense jungles, and … Read more

New Update for Vita 3K Emulator Beta 11 (DOWNLOAD)

The Vita 3K emulator, known for allowing users to play games from the PlayStation Vita console on Android devices, has released its latest version, Beta 11, bringing a host of significant improvements and additions. Main Features: Performance Improvements: Beta 11 version presents an extensive changelog, including several fixes aimed at enhancing the overall performance of … Read more

How to play OpenBor on Android (INSTALLATION AND GAMES)

In the world of mobile gaming, there’s an “emulator” that few people talk about but contains incredible games. I’m talking, of course, about OpenBor. The app focuses on Beat’em Up style games, or “Street Fighting” created by users passionate about the genre. See how to install and play these games on your phone. In this … Read more

Myth of Empires Guide to Level Up Fast

Since the debut of Myth of Empires, the game’s popularity has increased. You must advance your character’s level in order to play the game. In the virtual realm of Myth of Empires, users assume the role of strong leaders who aim to establish their empires and subjugate others. Levelling up quickly is essential to get … Read more

How to register at Lucky Star Casino

The registration process serves as a gateway to the world of entertainment and gambling. Lucky Star Casino has optimised the registration process. This has ensured simplicity and efficiency. The casino is available at Creating an account at Lucky Star Casino is not just a formality. It lays the foundation for an exciting gaming adventure. … Read more

REDMAGIC 9 Pro dominates the Antutu ranking with over 2 million points!

The RedMagic 9 Pro, the latest smartphone in the gaming device lineup, has claimed the top spot in the AnTuTu Benchmark ranking among Android smartphones. This achievement has been highlighted by the manufacturer, which emphasizes the device’s active cooling system as a distinguishing feature. The 9 Pro is now available through more online channels for … Read more

See GTA V running NATIVELY on the POCO F3 at 30FPS, thanks to MOBOX

In an impressive technological leap for gaming enthusiasts, the renowned title GTA V may soon be playable natively on smartphones. This milestone has been achieved thanks to the innovative MOBOX project, which promises to revolutionize the way PC games are experienced on mobile devices. What is MOBOX? Mobox is an application project aimed at simplifying … Read more

The first mobile phone joystick – SnakeBite

SnakeBite was the first mobile phone controller in history. Created for the Nokia 3310 and 6110 around 2000, the controller was a plastic piece shaped like a joystick that was attached to the phone. Learn more about it in this article. The controller was basically a plastic piece that was attached to the phone and … Read more

Yuzu NCE APK ( direct link ) – 200% Extra Performance

Yuzu, the Nintendo Switch emulator for Android, has received a version with a major new feature, the NCE (Native Code Execution). Today (19), the Yuzu team released a new free version with native code execution enabled. This experimental function is already showing impressive results, with gains of up to 200% in performance. The Yuzu development … Read more