Palworld Mobile? Rumors suggest a possible version for Android and iOS

Palworld, the game that has become a sensation on the Web, may soon have a mobile version. This is what the latest rumor suggests. Pocketpair, the developer behind the acclaimed Palworld, has posted a job listing seeking experts in mobile game development. The listing specifies the need for proficiency in the Unity engine and the … Read more

+800 Names for Roblox 2024

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How to Improve Game Resolution on Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming (Xcloud) has been transforming the way players access and enjoy their favorite games, offering a convenient and accessible cloud gaming platform. However, one of the challenges faced by many users is the game resolution quality, which can vary depending on various factors, including internet connection and device settings. Fortunately, there are ways … Read more

There is a Cadillacs and Dinosaurs 3D REMAKE in China.

There is a 3D REMAKE of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs with new features in China. The game is called 《街机恐龙》(Arcade Dinosaur) and will be released in the first half of 2024. For now, it’s in open beta testing and exclusive to the Chinese territory. Announced for the first time in 2022, the game had a beta … Read more

REDMAGIC 9 Pro dominates the Antutu ranking with over 2 million points!

The RedMagic 9 Pro, the latest smartphone in the gaming device lineup, has claimed the top spot in the AnTuTu Benchmark ranking among Android smartphones. This achievement has been highlighted by the manufacturer, which emphasizes the device’s active cooling system as a distinguishing feature. The 9 Pro is now available through more online channels for … Read more

See GTA V running NATIVELY on the POCO F3 at 30FPS, thanks to MOBOX

In an impressive technological leap for gaming enthusiasts, the renowned title GTA V may soon be playable natively on smartphones. This milestone has been achieved thanks to the innovative MOBOX project, which promises to revolutionize the way PC games are experienced on mobile devices. What is MOBOX? Mobox is an application project aimed at simplifying … Read more

25 Best offline Android games 2024

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The first mobile phone joystick – SnakeBite

SnakeBite was the first mobile phone controller in history. Created for the Nokia 3310 and 6110 around 2000, the controller was a plastic piece shaped like a joystick that was attached to the phone. Learn more about it in this article. The controller was basically a plastic piece that was attached to the phone and … Read more

Yuzu NCE APK ( direct link ) – 200% Extra Performance

Yuzu, the Nintendo Switch emulator for Android, has received a version with a major new feature, the NCE (Native Code Execution). Today (19), the Yuzu team released a new free version with native code execution enabled. This experimental function is already showing impressive results, with gains of up to 200% in performance. The Yuzu development … Read more

Racing Master APK Media Fire

Racing Master, the racing simulator from NetEase developed in partnership with Codemasters, is once again in open beta testing. The test, in reality, is only in the United States, but it is possible to download the APK and play without the need for a VPN. In reality, there is no APK for the game, but … Read more

All Fruits in Blox Fruits 2023 – update 20

Do you know how many fruits there are in Blox Fruits in 2023? In this updated post, we’ll tell you. Currently, Blox Fruits has 37 fruits. Update 20 left Blox Fruits with this number of fruits: 22 Natural fruits (Paramecia) 10 Elemental fruits (Logia) 5 Beast fruits (Zoan) TOTAL: 37 fruits   Each of the … Read more

25 Best OFFLINE Racing Games for Android and iOS

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Nine Nights – New OFFLINE game for Android and iOS

Nine Nights is a new offline and paid game that was released for Android and iOS with elements that blend Dark Souls (Sekiro) and Ninja Gaiden. Control a ninja and face various enemies in an action-packed game. Nine Nights is being sold for R$ 23.99 on Android and R$ 24.90 on iOS. Nine Nights was … Read more

7 Mobile Games like Starfield

Discover mobile games that feature elements reminiscent of “Starfield.” If you enjoyed the journey through the stars in “Starfield,” we invite you to explore these little wonders of mobile computing. Get to know games that focus on space themes as if they were neutron stars. It’s worth noting that you can play Starfield on your … Read more

Best Games for Android and iOS of the Week (09-15-23)

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