Top 27 offline games for Android 2023

Discover the 27 best offline Android games to enjoy in 2023.

If you’re looking for mobile games that are light or heavy, free or paid, but above all offline, you’ve come to the right place.

Every year we bring you a list full of Android games ranging from light entertainment to incredible games that came directly from consoles like PS4, Xbox and Switch.



spider fighter 3

spider-fighter-3 Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

Spider Fighter 3 is an offline game for Android that arrived at the end of 2022.

The 3D action game features a Spider-Man-style character whose mission is to go out beating up banditry.

The great news of this version is that we are now in an open world, which looks very cool at first glance.

The game is pretty cool, but it could have had a more varied story and enemies.

I mean… enemies sometimes not even doing anything. They’re just there doing their thing, and Miranha arrives beating everyone up.

You can even reflect a little and think that the real villain is this miranha in the game. hahaha

The premise here is the same as the other Spider Fighter or Spider Hero, you fight and watch ads, with a very casual approach. Just to get out of boredom.


Download Spider Fighter 3 on Android


Alas, this is when I miss The Amazing Spider-man games. If you haven’t played these two Gameloft games yet. Look them up, they’re so worth it and 100 times better than this one.

“Ah, but it takes work to download the APK and Obb”. Stop being lazy dude.

Are you going to stop playing games with a story, offline and without ads to fight and see ads every 10 seconds? So it is.


xcar street

xcar-street-android-apk Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

CarX Street has finally arrived on Android, but it has a small problem, it is online only.

Xcar Street is an offline game.

It is ideal for anyone who has an incompatible cell phone and will not be able to play CarX Street at all.

This game is also open world, full of races with competition for speed and drifting.

But be warned, this is just a casual offline game, don’t go thinking it’s a “CarX Street lite”.. it’s not even close.

Download Xcar Street on Android



owrc Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

Another game for those who missed out on CarX Street or simply want an offline car racing game.

OWRC fulfills this role very well.

But it’s worth the same warning: stop asking for updates or wanting it to be the same as game A or B. Every copy game will never be the same as the original, you’ll just be frustrated if you go down that path. So relax and just enjoy OWRC and Xcar , after all, they are free… and offline.

Download OWRC on Android


99 Lives

Jogo-99vidas-android-ios The 27 Best Offline Android Games 2023

99 Vidas is a game developed by a Brazilian studio that recently returned to Android.

The game was previously paid, but it came back for free and offline.

Take on villains in a street fight style game set in Brazil.

The scenarios are very colorful and full of references to our country.

One of the best offline games to play in 2023.

Download 99Vidas on Android


Elite Moto 2

elite-motos-2 The 27 best offline games for Android 2023

PC game 171 may have been one of the most controversial of 2022.

But if you’re just looking for a motorcycle game to ride around the hood, you can go for Elite Moto 2.

In this offline game, you will fulfill missions as a motorcycle boy and ifood delivery man and so on.

The game is very fun and the representation of Brazil was very cool.

You can even cut it, but it won’t mess up the customers’ pizzas, ok?

Download Elite Moto 2 on Android



CASE 2: Animatronics Horror

case-2-animatronics Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

The terror continues in this offline game where you have to escape from these crazy animatronics.

CASE 2 : Animatronics is an evolution of the Five Night at Freddys style game concept.

The goal is to spend a few nights on watch in this haunted place.

The game displays very beautiful 3D graphics and first-person gameplay with many jump scares.

Download CASE 2 on Android


Vampire Survivors Mobile

vampire-survivors-android-ios Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

With the right pinprick in Diablo Immortal, Vampire Survivors arrived on cell phones during The Game Awards 2022.

Is this game an arcade? Is it a roguelike or an RPG?

No one knows, but fun is guaranteed. Choose your class and try to level up your character to survive as long as possible.

Game without ads, without purchases, without pissing. Just download and play.. oh yummy!

Download Vampire Survivors on Android


Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song

Romancing-SaGa-Minstrel-Song Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

At the end of 2022, mobile received one of the hardest JRPGs of all time.

Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song is a 3D remake of the first game in the franchise, which dates back to the times of the Super Nintendo.

For those unfamiliar with Romancing SaGa, it would be the equivalent of a “Final Fantasy Souls”. Ridiculously complicated game that teaches you nothing and is full of challenges.

The game has 8 protagonists with a non-linear narrative structure. So when you think it’s the end, it’s actually the beginning and vice versa.

There’s no hint, the game doesn’t help you at all and it’s basically all side-quests.

And if you try to farm, the enemies evolve and you can break the game in reverse. With impossible to defeat enemies ahead.

Anyway, Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song good offline game, but recommended only for JRPG experts.

Download Romancing SaGa on Android


X Survive

x-survive Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

X Survive isn’t exactly a new game, but we’ve never recommended it before.

This game is suitable for anyone looking for a survival game, with 3D graphics and that is offline and lightweight.

An open world game with total freedom of exploration.

In 2023, mobile will receive many open world games with incredible graphics, but the vast majority of them will be online, and very heavy!

So if you’re looking for something similar that doesn’t require internet, you can go with X Survive without fear.

Download X Survive on Android


Fury Unleashed

Fury-Unleashed Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

Fury Unleashed is a “run and gun” with roguelite elements that was first released for consoles and then came to mobile.

The game is paid, but available on Google Play Pass. So if you subscribe, you can celebrate.

Play alone or co-op with a friend, a contra-style adventure with a map that feels like a metroidvania.

Despite being a 2D game, Fury Unleashed is not as light as it seems, the game runs well only on intermediate devices and top of the line.

Download Fury Unleashed on Android


Papers, Please

papers-please-android-ios Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

In “Papers, Please” you are an immigration agent. Its function is to prevent dangerous or unauthorized persons from entering Arstotzka country.

What starts out as a casual, no-strings-attached game unfolds into a game with an engaging story that involves espionage and many twists and turns.

A great game for anyone who loves history and investigation. With multiple endings.

The game is all in Portuguese and is offline.

Download Papers, Please on Android


gun shooter WW2

gun-shooter-ww2 Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

Gun Shooter is an offline shooting game in the style of “Brothers in Arms 3”.

Set in World War II, the player controls a soldier who will face the Axis forces.

The game mixes short stages with scenarios where the character walks and shoots. However. we don’t control how he walks, just the shot.

Simple game, but it works for anyone who wants an offline pastime.

Download Gun Shooter on Android


Death Chain: Zombie FPS

death-chain Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

A frantic shooting zombie game where you freely control the character.

Death Chain stands out for its non-stop action. The game has no cadenced waves of zombies.


Of course, it starts out easy, but then it turns into pandemonium with zombies everywhere.

Download Death Chain on Android



Disgaea 4

disgaea-4 Top 27 offline games for android 2023

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited is a remaster of the game released for PS3 and PS Vita that comes to mobile phones completely.

For those who like games like Final Fantasy Tactics, you can face it without fear that this is one of the best strategy games of the genre.

The game’s story follows the Disgaea pattern with a lot of non-sense humor and charismatic characters. Where the protagonist is crazy about sardines!

Download Disgaea 4 on Android


Bus Sim Lite

bus-sim-lite Top 27 offline games for Android 2023

Simulation games are very popular on Android, especially bus games.

In this game, you will control very modern buses in beautiful cities around the world.

The missions are easy to understand and, of course, the game rewards you for not driving like a maniac!

The game has good graphics and a simple look, but at the same time, very beautiful. Runs even on weak cell phones.

Download Bus Sim Lite on Android


banana kong 2

banana-kong-2-android-ios-game Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

Banana Kong returns in this sequel with new 3D graphics.

The gameplay remains the same as its predecessor, but the difficulty has increased.

The game is more difficult, with random scenarios and sudden missions.

The new scenarios diversify the gameplay with air, water and snow themed stages.

Download Banana Kong 2 on Android


miss bullet

miss-bullet Top 27 offline games for Android 2023

Miss Bullet is a shooting game with a cartoon style look where you have to complete quick missions.

Enter the room, shoot the enemies, collect the rewards and escape!

Gameplay pretty self-explanatory. The game is very casual, but still lets you control the character.

Download Miss Bullet on Android


Timberman the big adventure

timberman-big-adventure Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

Calm down, it’s not that game that went viral in 2015 (ops it is, there’s it inside this Timberman).

Timberman the big adventure is a platform game in the style of Super Mario.

In command of that lumberjack there (or a bear), the player must go through numerous stages to rescue his family.

The standard game of old 16-bit games, where you have to collect everything in the level to earn various rewards.

The lumberjack can jump or use his ax to glide (don’t ask me) or throw his ax and call you back.

This game is very good. It is free but displays ads. By purchasing the single built-in purchase, you can play offline and without ads.

Download Timberman on Android




endings The 27 best offline games for Android 2023

Remember Limbo? If you’ve never played this gemistic gem of offline games, do yourself a favor and play it right now!

Have you played? So get ready to face a new challenge with a similar footprint.

Endings is very reminiscent of Limbo, but in this one, you control a girl who looks like she died.

Solve riddles and try to reach the end of this adventure. Will she find her little brother in the end or will she return to her body? Just playing to find out.

Download Endings on Android


Mr Meat 2

mr-meat-2 Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

Mr. Meat 2 is a horror game with a very interesting story in Portuguese.

Following the events of the first game, the butcher was arrested, but before he left, a potion served in drinks turns spectators into pigs.

From then on, your character is in prison with this madman on the loose.

Mr. Meat 2 follows that pattern of horror games where a stalker tries to catch you while you have to solve puzzles to escape.

The producer of this game specializes in making games like this and the vast majority of them are offline games for free!

Download Mr Meat 2 on Android


urban trial

trial-urban Top 27 offline games for Android 2023

Make radical maneuvers driving mini-bikes.

Or just do spectacular slow-motion tumbles.

Urban Trial is that typical motorcycle game where you have to go through scenarios full of obstacles.

Download Urban Trial on Android


universal truck simulator

Universal-truck-simulator Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

In this truck driving simulator game, in addition to driving these heavy-duty vehicles, your character can also go out and walk around the scene.

This is really cool, as it gives an extra immersion to get to the carrier and pick up the services. The only thing missing was having other people there.

There are many games like this on Google Play.

Another one that we think is really cool is Truckers Of Europe 3. This one even looks like it has Ray tracing, think of a beautiful game.

If you like offline games with jaw-dropping graphics, be sure to check out our video with realistic graphics games for Android.

Download UTS on Android


Endless Nightmare 3

endless-nightmare-3 Top 27 offline games for Android 2023

Finally a shooting game with history and a “game to clear” feel, you know?

Endless Nightmare 3 is set in ancient tombs, and you control a police officer who is investigating terrorists.

The game has science fiction elements in the story and the gameplay mixes shooter with stealth.

Our! It’s been so long since a game like this appeared on Google Play.

Note: it’s offline only if you pay.

Download Endless Nightmare on Android


thats a cow

thats-a-chow Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

Watch out! It’s a cow!

That’s a Cow is one of the craziest and most bizarre games on Android!

This cow is no joke and will throw milk at everything that appears in front of her.

Milk can be used to fly or to shoot obstacles.

If you like this kind of crazy game, leave a comment there. We know all kinds of bizarre games, after all, we tested everything before making a list like this.

Want a list of bizarre games on Android? Just ask!

Download That’s a Cow on Android


sushi surf

sushi-surf Top 27 offline games for Android 2023

This game is really fun. Sushi Surf is a game about surfing extreme waves and collecting coins.

There are some seniors there who remembered the “summer games” of the Master System.

Anyway, another casual game that entertains because it’s offline. That great pastime to get out of boredom.

Download Sushi Surf on Android


House of DaVinci 3

House-of-Da-Vinci-3 Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

The Room franchise is already quite old and if you’ve already zeroed all of its games, maybe you’re thirsty for another game in this style.

House of Da Vinci is just what you are looking for.

The third game in the franchise was released last year and follows the same formula as the previous ones, which is also the same formula as The Room.

The puzzles of this game are not obvious, and the mix between puzzle and story moments are very well fitted.

If you liked The Room, you can buy this one without fear.

Download House of Da Vinci 3 on Android



haak Top 27 Offline Android Games 2023

To end our list, a great Switch game that arrived for free on Android.

Haak is a 2D metroidvania action game with frantic battles that came with a bang on mobile.

As if having this addictive combat mechanic wasn’t enough, the game also has a really cool dystopian story.

However, the company that released the game seems to be new to mobile ports, it has released several versions of the game, so look for the one that runs best on your phone.

Just remembering, this is not a game and leveling with coins is not. It’s zero game.

Download HAAK on Android



And we close another list of offline games. Surely there will be no shortage of good games to play in 2023.

Only those who complain about the mobile platform are those who live hostage to the Google Play home page or follow youtubers who have the nerve to post PC game gameplay.

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