25 Best OFFLINE Racing Games for Android and iOS

Speeding ahead, our list of 25 OFFLINE racing games for your Android, iPhone, and iPad in 2023. Discover amazing games to play on your smartphone that don’t require an internet connection.

Just like in previous lists, this topic includes both free and paid games. Check it out!



Check out the best offline racing games to play on your mobile.



OFFLINE Racing Games for MOBILE

1. Asphalt 8 (Free)

Image shows a car from the Asphalt 8 game racing on a snowy track with the word 'Finish' indicating the finish line.

The game that kicks off our list of best offline racing games couldn’t be anything else but the legendary Asphalt franchise at its finest, Asphalt 8. It’s an ideal game for those who want to enjoy speed with fast and thrilling races. Accelerate in a game with stunning visuals and beautiful graphics, even on lower-end smartphones.

In Asphalt 8, your mission is to win races and collect cars. Despite constantly asking for the internet to receive aids, after the initial download, you can play Asphalt 8 without the internet whenever you want. It’s the best free arcade racing game to have fun on your mobile.

Asphalt 8 is the complete package of fun and includes races with both cars and motorcycles.

Download on Android (Google Play)

Download on iOS (App Store)


2. Grid Autosport (Paid)

For those seeking an offline car racing simulator, there’s no other choice but to download GRID Autosport. This game, originally for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, has been brought to mobile by Feral Interactive and offers some of the most realistic and impressive graphics in the mobile gaming world.

Get ready for a true automotive experience with hundreds of licensed cars and unlockable modes. You can take on the career mode with hundreds of challenges or simply engage in free races on circuits that range from day to night. The nighttime races in this game are stunning.

Download GRID on iOS

Download GRID on Android


3. CarX Highway Racing (Free)

CarX Highway Racing is an offline racing game for Android and iOS. Besides providing a campaign mode with street racing, the game also offers time trial modes, police chases, and a pressure-free racing option for pure entertainment. The races are short but very intense.

Download on Android (Google Play)

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4. Need for Speed Most Wanted (Paid)

Released in 2013, yes, 10 years ago, Need for Speed Most Wanted still stands as one of the best offline racing games on both Android, iPhone, and iPad. Excellent graphics and many thrilling races.

Need for Speed Most Wanted (Photo: Reproduction)

It’s just 550MB of pure adrenaline and speed. Need for Speed Most Wanted is especially recommended for older phones. Even after so much time, NFS Most Wanted continues to be one of the best offline racing games on Android. If you didn’t quite enjoy CarX Highway due to its simplicity, this one will definitely please you.

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5. Sport Racing (Free)

Sport Racing is an excellent racing game with rally elements. It offers an incredibly realistic visual experience, especially in off-road racing environments. The graphics, especially in scenes with clouds or rain, are exceptional and make the most of OpenGL ES 3, delivering an amazing visual experience – all in just 140 MB of space!

Its successor, Rally One, also features moments of great visual realism in its “offline racing games.” However, this can be a bit frustrating. The experience of 10 or 15-second races can be exasperating, with more time spent watching ads or spinning a roulette than actually playing. Some people claim that the experience improves and more tracks are made available over time, but patience can be a valuable resource while you wait.

Download Sport Racing on Android


6. RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme

Build your monster car and wreak havoc on thrilling tracks in Rocket Arena Car Extreme. A racing game where you can use weapons, missiles, bombs, and more.

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme is an arcade racing game available for Android and iOS. The game heavily focuses on multiplayer but also has an offline mode. The highlight is car customization, which will require you to win many challenges in increasingly insane races.

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7. Horizon Chase (PAID)

Despite being retro, the game's visuals are very beautiful!

A classic game that pays tribute to other classics, that’s how Horizon Chase can be defined. The offline racing game for Android and iOS borrows the feeling of Top Gear, and the result is impressive. It’s simply the best racing game of all time for mobile devices.

Sensational music, sweet gameplay, and a 16-bit challenge orchestrated with a jaw-dropping low-poly visual style. Criticizing this game means not understanding the “core” of racing games: fun!

You can try to argue, but no game brings difficulty to the right level (try to collect all the tokens and you’ll understand) combined with calibrated gameplay. Horizon Chase is proof that old ideas still work, and that it’s pointless for a game to be realistic if it’s loaded with in-app purchases. A slap in the face to the competition! One of the best offline racing games of all time.

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8. Cyberline Racing (Free)

In Cyberline Racing, we have a game in the style of the movie “Death Race“. Roam through post-apocalyptic scenarios and collect weapons to annihilate your opponents. The game has a campaign mode where you need to defeat a dictator. The graphics are very nice, complete with light and shadow effects and even car paint reflections.


Despite having an online mode called Online Cup, the focus of the game is the career mode, which can be played completely OFFLINE. The game’s customization system is very interesting, with the possibility of upgrading weapons and the vehicle. Buy the best equipment and get ready for the mayhem in Cyberline Racing.

Download on Android (APK)




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9. Wreckfest Mobile (PAID)


Wreckfest Mobile offers an almost flawless adaptation of this iconic car wrecking game.

Without a doubt, it’s the 2023 offline racing game with the most realistic graphics and physics.

The mobile edition doesn’t exactly mirror the console experience, but, as stated by the developers, more content is on the way.

Cars and environments react to impacts in an astonishing way, featuring deformations and even unexpected breakages.

Download Wreckfest on iOS

Download Wreckfest on Android



10. Death Rally (Free)

Hidden in the Google Play and App Store, we have Death Rally. A racing game that strongly resembles classics like Rock’n Roll Racing, Twisted Metal, and many others. Race with vehicles ready for war, armed with missiles, lasers, and more.


With excellent 3D graphics, the game makes the most of OpenGL 2.0. You know what that means? Maximum graphics even on older smartphones. It’s only 165 MB of pure fun in a fun and offline gaming experience. A must-play racing game for genre enthusiasts.

Download on Android (APK)

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11. Asphalt Xtreme (Netflix Edition)

Asphalt Xtreme is one of the best offline racing games for Android and iOS where you can play without ads and in-app purchases, all thanks to the partnership between Gameloft and Netflix. The game, formerly online, has been transformed into an offline game.

Beautiful graphics, even on low-end phones. Control off-road cars and even trucks in picturesque environments. It’s a lot of fun to speed along the beach with the water splashing, demonstrating various visual effects.

Download on Android (Google Play)

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12. 4×4 Jam HD (Free)

A must-play offline off-road game for Android and iOS is 4×4 Jam HD. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, 4×4 Jam HD doesn’t require the internet and isn’t based on drag racing.


The game is open-world, and you need to reach the locations indicated on the map. Get there before the other competitors, and you’ll be the winner. Sounds easy? Every element of the terrain helps or hinders, such as mountains, mud, water, and sand. Drive your off-road vehicle to the best places to ensure victory.

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13. Real Moto (Free)

Real Moto is our representative in the category of the best offline motorcycle racing games. Control the fastest motorcycles in thrilling races.

There are 150 challenges in exciting races with the option to play online or offline. The motorcycles and tracks are based on motorcycle racing circuits with easy-to-adapt controls. Real Moto, despite appearing to be a motorcycle racing simulator, has simple commands, making the game addictive and a lot of fun.

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14. Final Freeway 2 (Free)

Final Freeway 2 is a lightweight racing game for Android and iOS. With clear inspiration from Out Run (Mega Drive), in this title, you freely drive on roads while admiring the scenery. However, you need to be quick to reach the checkpoints.


Nostalgia and a challenge to defeat various other racers mark this game with visuals reminiscent of Super Nintendo and Mega Drive. Ideal for fans of 2D games with 16-bit graphics. One of the lightweight offline racing games for Android.

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15. Riptide Renegade (PAID)

Riptide Renegade is a futuristic jet ski racing game. It’s the third game in the Riptide series, focusing on premium quality without in-app purchases. Perfect for those looking for a good offline game.


The visuals are excellent, with impressive water effects. The game features a campaign and local offline multiplayer mode. If you have an Android tablet or console, you can even try the split-screen multiplayer feature.

Download on Android (Google Play)

Download on iOS (App Store)

If you’re looking for a free jet ski racing game, be sure to check out Aqua Moto Racing 2.



16. Smash Bandits (Free)

Escape the police in the racing game Smash Bandits Racing. The game offers an aerial view, simulating those TV shows about criminals escaping in the United States. With beautiful 3D graphics, Smash Bandits has simple and direct gameplay.


In addition to the police, as your criminal reputation rises, you’ll need to dodge other dangers like roadblocks, tanks, and even a military helicopter that will shoot at you. Create chaos in this fun OFFLINE racing game for Android and iOS.

Download on Android (Google Play)


Download on iOS (App Store)



17. Beach Buggy Racing (Free)

Beach Buggy Racing is a buggy racing game with beautiful graphics that can also be adjusted to run on any low-end phone. The game combines fun races on beaches and forests with Mario Kart-style gameplay, where you need to use power-ups to win.


Without needing the internet, players can have fun at any time, playing the campaign mode or competing in fun local multiplayer. If you have an Android console, you can play split-screen multiplayer with up to 4 players.

Download on Android (Google Play)

Download on iOS (App Store)




18. Table Top Racing (Free)

Drive the coolest cars in Table Top Racing. HD 3D graphics and wild races on a tabletop are the main elements of this racing game for Android and iOS. Don’t let the childish look fool you; Table Top Racing is a well-crafted game.


Enjoy nostalgic gameplay where you need to level up and unlock new cars with each new scenario. Customizable cars, a massive career mode, and multiplayer mode are just some highlights of this outstanding racing game.

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19. AirRace SkyBox (Free)

AirRace SkyBox is an airplane racing game that strongly resembles the Redbull airplane races.

Making use of the accelerometer to control an airplane on various race courses.

Players pilot various cool planes on 10 different air racing tracks, flying through gates to earn points and competing with scores globally.

The sensitivity of the controls and the device tilt mechanics to navigate the plane may require some adaptation but provide an engaging and refreshing gaming experience. Despite some ads in the free version and a desire for more control customization options, the game offers decent 3D graphics and a variety of levels and environments.

Download on Android (Google Play)

Download on iOS (App Store)


20. Cosmic Challenge (Free)

Cosmic Challenge is a spaceship racing game. Pilot insane machines in a game reminiscent of F-Zero from the Game Cube and Nintendo Wii.


Pure speed at 60fps per second and thrilling races are present in a lightweight game with exceptional visuals. If you enjoy this genre and have an iPhone or iPad, you might also want to check out AG Drive.

Download on Android (APK)

Download on iOS (App Store)




21. Carmageddon (Free)

A PC classic maintains all its brilliance on smartphones as well. You might judge the graphics as modest, but you can’t criticize the addictive gameplay of Carmageddon.


A whopping 36 stages, all open-world, where you can race wherever you want. Carmageddon is total freedom to do whatever you want, including ruthlessly running over the pedestrians in the game. Find it violent? Then laugh heartily at the game’s hilarious voice acting.

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22. Rush Rally Origins (Paid)

Rush Rally Origins is a new top-down rally racing game that arrived in 2021 for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. The game is one of three games in the series available for download on the Play Store and App Store. Paid and offline, Origins is a remastered version of the first game with improved graphics and really cool night races.

Download on Android (Google Play)

Download on iOS (App Store)



23. Crazy Taxi (Free)

One classic that couldn’t be missing from our list is the legendary Crazy Taxi. The DreamCast game has been perfectly ported to smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS. This racing game used to be paid but is now free for everyone.


In this crazy racing game, the goal is to pick up passengers and deliver them to their destinations. Crazy Taxi is open-world and has a long campaign. The game’s soundtrack is amazing and features rock from the 2000s. A must-play for fans of good music.

Download on Android (Google Play)

Download on iOS (App Store)


24. Repulze (Paid)

In the futuristic Repulze, players will race in the fastest ships in this strange desert. With clear inspiration from Wipe Out, this game focuses on extreme speed. That’s why it’s used to evaluate the performance of smartphones by various tech websites. The game has optimizations for weak, mid-range smartphones, and even Android consoles like the Nvidia Shield.


In total, there are 24 futuristic tracks, very well-crafted. The game was developed by the same producers of Reckless Racing.

Download on Android (Google Play)

Download on iOS (App Store)


25. Monoposto


We couldn’t leave out a Formula 1 game, could we? Although Monoposto is not an official world speed championship game, it provides a unique experience for motorsport enthusiasts.

This free game showcases races realistically with jaw-dropping graphics. The gameplay is excellent, and the races are a lot of fun. A lightweight game but ideal for playing as an F1 pilot.

Download on Android (Google Play)

Download on iOS (App Store)


Offline APK Racing Games for Android

In this section, we’ve saved old offline racing games that have been removed from app stores, but you can still find the APK files out there. I strongly recommend looking for these games because they are above average in quality. When it comes to Android, don’t limit yourself to just the Google Play Store.



A fantastic racing game with impressive graphics that used to be lightweight and offline. The game was removed from Google Play, but you can still find its APK file out there.

Driveline APK


GT Racing 2 (Free)

But not only Asphalt lives at Gameloft. The developer also ventured into the niche of racing simulators. In this genre, although not competing with the giants of the market, GT Racing 2 is still a great game worth downloading.


GT Racing 2 may not have the same graphics as Real Racing 3, but it’s a much lighter game. However, this doesn’t mean it has less to offer. There are 71 cars to collect and over 1,400 events to enjoy in the game. Undoubtedly, one of the best racing games for Android and iOS.

Download on Android (APK)



SBK 16 (Free)

SBK 16 is the only representative of motorcycle racing in our list of best offline racing games. Why? Because it’s true racing. You compete against other players controlled by the game or by other players.


The only drawback is the multiplayer mode, which consists of racing to beat other players’ times. But even with this minor flaw, SBK 16 still has a vast campaign mode, ideal for offline play.

Download on Android (Google Play)

Download on iOS (App Store)


Reckless Racing 3 (Paid)

Playing with toy cars has never been as fun as in Reckless Racing 3. That’s exactly the feeling when driving the cars in this game without much prudence. Stunning graphics await you in an aerial-view racing game.


There are six scenarios in total with 36 different tracks. In addition to the impressive visuals, the game features a very interesting physics system. Simply unmissable for those who enjoy racing games and are looking for a game with good graphics.




Real Racing 2 (Paid)

Haha, you didn’t remember this game, did you? If you’ve never played Real Racing 2, you need to play it before the game is removed from the App Store and Google Play. Real Racing 2 is how RR3 should be: a paid game, without energy limitations or tons of in-app purchases. Just driving simulation and lots of races.


There are 10 hours of campaign mode in a premium-quality game. Excellent controls and incredible visuals for its time (2011). One of the best racing games for Android of all time.


WRC The Official Game (Paid)

We apologize to rally fans, but when it comes to quality, there’s no escaping it. Paid rally games are infinitely better than the free games on Google Play and the App Store.


WRC The Official Game brings the best rally race simulation to Android and iOS. So, don’t expect it to be easy. In WRC, the difficulty is high, and nerves of steel are required to control the car. A more affordable option is the competitor Colin McRae Rally.



Ridge Racer Slipstream (Free)

Another game that not many people know is Ridge Racer Slipstream. This title from Namco offers above-average quality, both in graphics and calibrated gameplay.


The game’s concept involves taking advantage of the opponents’ slipstreams. A brilliant arcade racing game that surprises by being offline. Relive the classic

from the PlayStation era in this revamped edition for smartphones and tablets.

Download on Android (APK)


Cracking Sands (Free)

Fun is not lacking in Cracking Sands. This Mario Kart-style game puts you in control of cool karts. The goal is to destroy enemies and reach first place. An easy task if you’ve played a lot of Mario Kart.


The game is OFFLINE, but if you want, you can search for opponents for online “deathmatches.” Quite fun, Cracking Sands stands out for being free and not requiring an internet connection.

Download on Android (APK)


Formula Cartoon All Stars (Paid)

The characters from Cartoon Network cartoons star in their own racing game in Formula Cartoon All Stars. The game has an aerial view and gameplay that closely resembles Mario Kart. Collect coins and power-ups to defeat your opponents.


In this game, you can control various characters such as Gunball, Princess Bubblegum, Jake, Finn, Clarence, and even Steven Universe. Formula Cartoon All Stars has colorful settings and simple 3D graphics, which means the game runs very well on virtually any phone.


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