Warzone Mobile has been delayed to 2024

During the presentation event for Modern Warfare 3, COD Next, the game director, Chris Plummer, answered some questions from the audience, including the release date of the game. This is the third delay of the game that Activision had promised for 2023 last year.

Warzone Mobile has been delayed once again. The game will be released globally on mobile devices, probably in the spring of 2024 in the United States. Spring in the U.S. falls between the months of March and May.

Warzone Mobile is currently in soft launch in some countries.


Watch the commentary on the delay of Warzone Mobile in the video below from the M2Games channel (with subtitles):

The announcement of the delay was made during a special presentation in which the developers shared details about significant improvements being implemented in the game. Chris, a prominent member of the development team, explained that the extra time will allow the team to further enhance the experience, ensuring that it is truly exceptional when it is finally released.

While the news of the delay may be disappointing to many eager fans, the development team emphasized that this decision is aimed at ensuring the delivery of a high-quality final product. Players can expect improved graphics, smoother gameplay, and an overall polished experience when “Call of Duty Warzone Mobile” finally reaches the hands of players in 2024.

In the meantime, fans can continue to prepare for the game’s arrival, with pre-registrations still open on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The development team expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic response from the community and looks forward to sharing more updates as they approach the global launch.

Those who have not yet registered can do so on Google Play and the Apple App Store, with exclusive rewards available for pre-registered players. With 45 million pre-registrations and counting, the team is eager to thank fans for their enthusiastic support as they approach the global launch.

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