7 Mobile Games like Starfield

Discover mobile games that feature elements reminiscent of “Starfield.”

If you enjoyed the journey through the stars in “Starfield,” we invite you to explore these little wonders of mobile computing. Get to know games that focus on space themes as if they were neutron stars. It’s worth noting that you can play Starfield on your mobile with Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Without further ado, let’s check out the games.

Best Android and iOS Games in the Style of Starfield

Galaxy on Fire 2


A relic of the bygone Java era (J2ME), it’s a space exploration game that combines RPG and shooter elements. You don’t land on planets, but there’s plenty to do in space, such as mining, rescuing people in distress, and battling space pirates.

With witty dialogues, players take on the role of Keith T. Maxwell, a space pilot who becomes embroiled in an epic plot after an incident sends him time-traveling. The game’s narrative is divided into various missions that unfold over time, each contributing to the overall story of the game.

There’s also “Galaxy On Fire 3,” but FishLabs unfortunately discontinued the online game. At least Galaxy on Fire 2 HD has a completely offline main campaign.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD on Android | iOS

Free Game / In Portuguese
Size: 200 MB | Offline Game


Morphite” is a first-person adventure and exploration game developed by Crescent Moon Games. It’s an ambitious project, so don’t be surprised by the “low-poly” graphics.

It’s a game with various planets and civilizations to explore; however, it’s important to keep your expectations in check since it’s a mobile game.

Note: Morphite is free to try, but you need to pay later. If you have a Google Play Pass subscription, you can enjoy the game in its entirety.

Morphite on Android | iOS

Free Game / In Portuguese
Size: 356 MB | Offline Game

Returner 77 and Returner Zero

“Returner 77” and “Returner Zero” tackle the part of “Starfield” where you must search for artifacts and life on other planets.

The game features 3D graphics and involves exploration and puzzle-solving. The graphics are impressive, but the gameplay isn’t action-packed, so don’t expect shootouts.

The sequel, “Returner Zero,” offers a good conclusion to this adventure, reminiscent of a mix between “Interstellar” and “2001.” Unfortunately, the second game was removed from Google Play, but you can find it in APK format on some websites.

Returner 77 on Android

Free Game / In Portuguese
Size: 1 GB | Offline Game

Out There Series

Science fiction of the “hard” variety is one of my favorite literary genres. Therefore, playing engaging games like “Out There,” with lots of text, is truly therapeutic for me.

Out There” is a space adventure and survival game developed by Mi-Clos Studio.


In the game, players take on the role of an astronaut who wakes up on a spaceship adrift somewhere in deep space. The goal of the game is to explore space, collect resources, make decisions that impact the protagonist’s story and survival, and try to find a way back to Earth or home.

The series also includes expansions and sequels like “Out There: Ω The Alliance,” which adds new elements to gameplay and expands the story. The “Out There” games are known for their unique atmosphere, survival challenges, and intriguing narrative, making them popular among fans of space adventure games.

Out There Series on Android | iOS

Free Game / In English and even alien languages. 🤣
Size: 106 MB | Offline Game

TerraGenesis: Landfall

In “TerraGenesis: Landfall,” players take control of a team of colonizers traveling to distant planets in search of a new home for humanity. The goal is to terraform these planets, which involves adjusting the atmosphere, temperature, pressure, and other environmental factors to create suitable conditions for human life and enable the development of cities and colonies.

This game is reminiscent of the outposts in Starfield, where you need to establish a base on other planets.

TerraGenesis: Landfall on Android | iOS

Free Game / In Portuguese
Size: 343 MB | Online Game

EVE Echoes

EVE Echoes” is a mobile MMORPG with a similar approach to “Galaxy On Fire.” Build your ship and face other players online in a massive universe created by NetEase Games.

The game features numerous star systems filled with content, and it’s entirely in Portuguese. Much of the gameplay involves ship-to-ship combat and battling enemies, jumping from system to system, similar to space combat in “Starfield.”

EVE Echoes on Android | iOS

Free Game / In Portuguese
Size: 4 GB | Online Game

Infinite Lagrange

Infinite Lagrange” is a 4X science fiction strategy game for Android and iOS. With stunning 3D graphics, it’s easy to mistake this game for “EVE Echoes.” The difference is that “Infinite Lagrange” focuses on building cities and star fleets, while “EVE Echoes” focuses solely on a ship.

It’s amazing how, in less than a year, NetEase has released two special MMOs, and both are good! Who could have imagined?

Infinite Lagrange on Android | iOS

Free Game / In Portuguese
Size: 2.3 GB | Online Game

And thus, our article comes to a close.

We left out some space-themed games due to them not fitting well or having elements not quite similar to Starfield.

Other games include:

Is there any game with similar elements to “Starfield” that we missed? Leave a comment.

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