Best Games for Android and iOS of the Week (09-15-23)

Check out the best games released for Android and iOS this week.

The week was quite eventful with many mobile game releases for you to enjoy on your Android or iPhone.

Check out the top highlights of the week in this post that gathers the best games.

Image shows various screenshots of mobile games
Once again, a week filled with games for every taste.

The best mobile games of the week

Blood Strike


The highlight of the week is undoubtedly the highly anticipated Blood Strike. Affectionately dubbed the “Warzone Mobile for the less fortunate,” Blood Strike has arrived with a “definitive soft launch.” I know, these names are getting more confusing, but the game will stay in soft launch in Brazil until the global release, meaning there will be no account resets.

Blood Strike is a fast-paced action shooter game with multiplayer battles, including Battle Royale and MJ modes.

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Free Game
Size: 1 GB | Online Game

Monster Hunter Now

And guess what? Capcom has indeed launched its “Pokémon GO,” but with Monster Hunter creatures. Monster Hunter Now impresses by combining geolocation with Augmented Reality. The monsters’ visuals are impressive, and battles with them are possible.

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Size: 200 MB | Online Game

Japanese Rural Life Adventure

Japanese Rural Life Adventure is a simulation and adventure game for iPhone and iPad that resembles Stardew Valley but set in Japan. The game has a very cute visual style and gameplay focused on calm activities and a slower pace.

The game’s vibe is reminiscent of the cult classic “Boku no Natsuyasumi,” one of the most iconic and mysterious games Sony released for PlayStation. Simply live in the Japanese countryside and have a peaceful life.

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Size: 70 MB | Offline Game

AFK Football (Free)

While FIFA and PES games are practically the same nowadays, AFK Football proves to be one of the most unique and enjoyable pastimes of the week.

There’s no need to comment much on the game. Build your team, strategize, and test it against other players. It’s simple and a lot of fun.

AFK Football had already been released on Android but was launched on iOS this week.

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Size: 100 MB | Online Game

Knights of Grayfang

Knights of Grayfang is a new RPG from KEMCO, available on the Google Play Store and App Store. The game is set in Eldraad, where humans and monsters fight for control of nine Temples. In the game, you help a Vampire King save humans. The game allows you to equip bats found in dungeons for passive effects. Some characters can activate bloodthirst, changing their appearance and abilities. The goal is to conquer the nine Temples in the Temple War. “Knights of Grayfang.”

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Paid Game
Size: 200 MB | Online Game

Motorsport Manager 4

Motormanager 4 brings more detailed cars during races.

After Motorsport Manager Online, I thought Playsport would release a free sequel, but the company brought a paid offline game for players to enjoy.

With refreshed graphics, especially during races, Motorsport Manager 4 is the right game for you if you want to be the director of a Formula 1 team.

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Paid Game
Size: 500 MB | Offline Game

Hungry Shark Evolution: Attack (Google Play Pass version)

This week’s addition to Google Play Pass is Hungry Shark Evolution: Attack. A game that has been available on mobile for a long time. The Google Play Pass version stands out precisely because it has no in-app purchases.

In this hilarious game, your job, as a typical movie shark, is to eat everything in your path, including humans.

“But is it the same game? What’s the difference for those who subscribe to Google Play Pass?” The difference is that all in-app purchases are unlocked.

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Size: 500 MB | Offline Game


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