Valorant Mobile reveals a “lightweight game” and identical to the PC version.

New information about Valorant Mobile highlights that the game is very well optimized.

A user from X (formerly Twitter) named “uWaazy” has started releasing new and interesting information about Valorant Mobile. The next big shooter game to be released on Android and iOS.

For now, Riot is not allowing gameplay videos to be displayed on social media, so all we have are images and reports so far. The game is currently in beta testing in China.


The user “uWaazy” was approved for the Valorant Mobile beta test in China, and according to him, the game runs smoothly at 90 FPS on smartphones and has a visual style very similar to the PC version. He also reports that he played for about 20 minutes, recording the gameplay, and that the maps and characters are identical to the PC version.

Furthermore, according to “uWaazy,” the game runs at 90 FPS (he did not specify the smartphone, but apparently, it’s an Android phone).


Characters that are in the Valorant Mobile beta test:

Requirements to Play Valorant Mobile

See the requirements to play Valorant Mobile:

  • Android 13 or higher
  • Snapdragon 870 or higher
  • 6 GB of RAM

It’s worth noting that these are the requirements to play the beta test; the game may have more modest requirements when it is officially released, as “uWaazy” commented that the game runs at 90 FPS with maximum graphics settings.

Valorant Mobile requires 2.8 GB of space on the phone, but it still needs to download 736 MB of weapon skins.


Valorant Mobile is scheduled to be released in 2024.

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