Yuzu NCE APK ( direct link ) – 200% Extra Performance

Yuzu, the Nintendo Switch emulator for Android, has received a version with a major new feature, the NCE (Native Code Execution). Today (19), the Yuzu team released a new free version with native code execution enabled. This experimental function is already showing impressive results, with gains of up to 200% in performance.

The Yuzu development team has released a new APK with the option embedded for the general public to test.

The option is available starting from version 136.


How to Enable NCE in Yuzu

To use the NCE option, go to “Advanced Settings” >> “Debugging” >> “CPU”. Then, in the CPU Backend option, you can choose Native Code Execution (NCE).

Initial tests revealed that the native code execution function is so effective that players can experience a boost of up to 200% in game performance.

In the “Emulation on Android Devices” forum on Reddit, members are amazed at the capabilities of Yuzu NCE, with performance gains so impressive that even recent games like Super Mario Wonder now run at 60 FPS.

Reports continue to indicate that Yuzu NCE is set to completely outshine competing emulators like EGG NS and Strato.

The major advantage of native code execution is that it allows direct interpretation of CPU instructions, without the need for recompilation or a compatibility layer. Although it does not interpret GPU data, NCE significantly relieves the smartphone processor from using recompilers.

Switch emulation is beginning to become a commonplace on Android. The most impressive aspect is that you no longer need an ultra-powerful smartphone to run the games, with the vast majority running on smartphones with Snapdragon 865 and above.

Updates usually arrive first on GitHub (here).

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