Palworld Mobile? Rumors suggest a possible version for Android and iOS

Palworld, the game that has become a sensation on the Web, may soon have a mobile version. This is what the latest rumor suggests.

Pocketpair, the developer behind the acclaimed Palworld, has posted a job listing seeking experts in mobile game development. The listing specifies the need for proficiency in the Unity engine and the Japanese language, as the studio is based in Tokyo. Interestingly, the name ‘Palworld’ is not directly mentioned in the listing, but that hasn’t stopped the gaming community from speculating.

Inspired by Pokémon and known as ‘Pokémon with weapons’ overseas, Palworld is actually a survival game where you must first complete various missions before hunting for pals instead of pokémon.


The game quickly became a hit on Steam, partly due to its online mode and its ability to ‘taunt Nintendo,’ something that internet gamers seem to enjoy. So far, Palworld has sold over 5 million copies on Steam alone. The game is also available on Steam.

Gaming enthusiasts are already keeping an eye on Pocketpair’s movements, eagerly awaiting more details about this mobile project.

Source: PocketPair

It’s worth mentioning that Palworld is also available on mobile via Xbox Cloud Gaming, provided you have a controller and a good internet connection.

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