Nine Nights – New OFFLINE game for Android and iOS

Nine Nights is a new offline and paid game that was released for Android and iOS with elements that blend Dark Souls (Sekiro) and Ninja Gaiden. Control a ninja and face various enemies in an action-packed game. Nine Nights is being sold for R$ 23.99 on Android and R$ 24.90 on iOS.

Nine Nights was originally released for PC in July 2023 and received its mobile version at the end of September. The game has a free trial version on iOS.

In Nine Nights, you play as Ci Lang, a ninja warrior who must defeat an organization to free his clan and nearby villages. The game has a very simple storyline, focusing solely on the action.


The combat is in the “hack’n slash” style. There are some “Souls” elements like focusing the camera on an enemy and “parry,” but the game doesn’t have stamina and is quite easy.

The main challenge of Nine Nights is the touchscreen controls. The game was originally designed to be played with physical controllers, so it has support for Bluetooth and USB controllers.

Nine Nights has a “PS2” graphics style, and therefore, it runs very well on most Android phones. It’s only 687 MB of data with the game already installed. A lightweight game that will run smoothly on most Android smartphones.


Is Nine Nights good?

Nine Nights is a good game, but don’t expect it to be on the level of Pascal’s Wager.

It’s a Ninja Gaiden with “Souls” elements. But don’t expect too much. I tested the game for 30 minutes, and it’s okay, but it’s not a “Souls-like.”

One downside of the game is the initial phase with poorly done rain effects. As you progress beyond this part, the game’s visuals improve significantly.

Another aspect that isn’t necessarily bad, considering everyone has bills to pay, is that despite being a paid game, it contains ads. When you die in a stage, the game gives you the chance to restart, provided you watch an ad. At least watching ads is optional.



Developer: Li Hue
Advertisement: Yes | Offline Game
In-App Purchases: No
Requires Android 5 / iOS 11.0
Language: English | Size: 600 MB

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