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Racing Master, the racing simulator from NetEase developed in partnership with Codemasters, is once again in open beta testing. The test, in reality, is only in the United States, but it is possible to download the APK and play without the need for a VPN.

In reality, there is no APK for the game, but a XAPK which is a “super APK” where you download all the updated game content already.

With the proposal of bringing a world of motorsport to the palm of your hand, Racing Master aims to be the “Horizon 5” for mobile phones, featuring large maps and that festive automotive atmosphere.


However, we must always remember that it is a free game from NetEase, which means that in-app purchases might shorten the fun.

The focus on “micro races” is also a problem. It would be interesting if the game made a greater commitment to bringing more fun to driving, and not just focusing on “grinding.”

Finally, a game with a lot of potential that we are waiting for affectionately, hoping NetEase does not spoil everything.




(note it’s necessary to download the XAPK Installer app to be able to install)

(Chrome browser may try to rename the xapk file to, in this case, simply rename the file back to xapk and pass it through the XAPK Installer for installation).


Here you find the direct link to download Racing Master on Android in the APK version. This version is 0.8.0 updated on November 8, 2023.

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