AetherSX2: download the best version of the PS2 emulator (without ads)

Looking for the best version to download of AetherSX2? The PlayStation 2 emulator for Android? You have just found it. Download the APK with a direct link and no ads.

Recently, AetherSX2 was updated on Google Play to a worse version than what was available on the original emulator site. The Google Play version has ads and buggy emulation.

The developer of the project, (stenzek/taltech) sabotaged his own emulator because of the mobile community. The most recent version on Google Play has various problems that go against stenzek’s “belief,” meaning the emulator has ads, battery drainage, high app cache (the emulator unnecessarily consumes part of the internal storage), and low game performance. There are even reports that the emulator has completely stopped working.


The best version of AetherSX2

Therefore, we have decided to bring you the best version of AetherSX2 with a direct link and no ads.

The best version of AetherSX2 currently available is version 1.5-3668.

>>AETHERSX2 BEST VERSION (link mediafire) <<

This version is the latest before the developer announced that he was giving up on the project.

Secondly, there is the alpha version of AetherSX2, the last version before the developer said he was abandoning the project, version 1.5-4248.

With these two versions, you will get the most out of your Android device without any of the problems that are happening with the Google Play version.

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