Myth of Empires Guide to Level Up Fast

Since the debut of Myth of Empires, the game’s popularity has increased. You must advance your character’s level in order to play the game. In the virtual realm of Myth of Empires, users assume the role of strong leaders who aim to establish their empires and subjugate others. Levelling up quickly is essential to get an advantage over other players and advance through the game, much like in any strategic game.

Levelling up is a crucial process in every game, the faster you do it, the better you get at the game. Faster progress can give you many benefits with upgraded skills, weaponry and much more. You can defeat your enemies with more finesse and yield better rewards. You can use this guide to determine the most efficient route to take in order to level up more quickly in Myth of Empires.


The Beginning

You can reach from level 1-16 very easily if you do the following things. First of all, A character with a decent skill balance and combat prowess is essential when beginning a game like Myth of Empires. You’ll level up more quickly and find it easier to beat adversaries as a result. choose an appropriate character in the game who will facilitate your progress so much. It won’t take you long to reach level 16, as you won’t require a significant amount of XP.


This method of levelling up has the advantage of granting you experience in addition to experience points. Along with doing these chores, you will be developing various materials. You will also be studying the game and improving your skills as you advance in level. You can join the PvP server and continue levelling up there once you reach level 16.


Daily Missions

Completing these missions is one of the best ways to farm XP and achieve progress in the game all while levelling up at an exponential rate. Doing these will also improve your game skills and overall train you to get better equipped for the game itselfThe Myth of Empires Copper Coins are the in-game money that you can spend to construct shelter, improve your structures, make investments in other buildings, employ personal security, and other things.



What better way to earn XP and level up faster than quests? They are the best method to progress further in the game while also gaining various rewards and getting accustomed to the game itself. Many quests are unlocked throughout the game while you level up.

Simply complete those and get a substantial amount of XP. The pay in terms of XP is very high in the quests and they also move your character arc further and progress our game storywise.

Since the beginning of the game, you are presented with several missions and quests to complete, some are mandatory and some are not, we advise you to complete the initial quests obligatory or not to increase your progress and level up faster.

To get the most items, allocate 5 points to mining and woodcutting, respectively.



You can level up in the game alone but what if you can do two times faster? Yep, you can do that by joining a Guild. There are several advantages to joining a guild, such as having access to high XP rewards events and guild tasks. Together with this, it enables you to level up more quickly by collaborating with other people to take on harder tasks. Team up with players whose level is higher than yours to complete the tasks that you can’t do alone.

When you complete tougher tasks, the reward pool is also so much bigger than mundane missions therefore upgrading your skills simultaneously along with levelling up allows you to take on tougher challenges and assist high-level players who are helping you ascend that particular mission/quest.

We will start our upper levels here, on the PvP server, which will be accessible once you reach level 16. You have to play on the PvP server and use your guild’s “Power Hour” to get bonus XP (blessed). After adding more weight to the collection, go outside and start collecting wood, iron, stones, and other objects. You will receive more Experience Points the more of these items you gather during the Power Out



These server boosts can help you level up faster. You can get more experience points in the game by using a variety of boosts. Events, missions, and in-game purchases can all be used to get these boosts. To get as much XP as possible, use them carefully. If you are short on the in-game currency you can easily buy Myth of Empires Copper Coins and procure boosts for your server. You may view the current server level by hovering your cursor above your level bar in your inventory. You receive a 10% XP boost to stay up when you are four levels behind the current server level.

Explore Your Heart’s Content

Exploration is a key element in finding new missions to take on, farming rare elements, and acquiring new resources throughout the game. Instead of confining yourself to one particular area wander around, and find hidden areas to explore, this will surely give you an enormous amount of XP and help you level you faster in the game. The game has beautiful visuals therefore exploration won’t be boring, and you will get the best out of that experience in the form of rewards.



In Myth of Empires, levelling up quickly necessitates commitment, strategic planning, and persistent work. You can accelerate your levelling-up process and develop into a strong leader in the virtual realm of Myth of Empires by using the advice provided in this tutorial. Never forget to enjoy yourself and the game while aiming for victory.


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