New game wants to be “PalWorld Mobile” … but with DIGIMONS

Earth Revival is a new MMORPG survival game for Android that aims to be a “Palworld Mobile,” but instead of being a “Pokémon with Guns” game, it will feature DIGIMONS!

Earth Revival is in open beta testing for everyone, just download the APK.

That’s right! Digimons.

Don’t think it will be an “inspiration as it was in Palworld. Earth Revival is a survival game that will feature a licensed collaboration with Digimon.


Earth Revival has been in testing for over a year, however, it seems that the unexpected success of Palworld motivated the team to try to boost the game as a “meme game,” and that’s why it received this new addition, which is the Digimons.

Check out the trailer video below:

Game images on APK Pure:

Game description:

The next milestone in the next-generation science fiction MMORPG! Supreme graphics, early masterpiece, free shooting in an open world!
In the deepest darkness of space, the battle for survival begins!

Weight update in version 1.6 “Constellation Border,” with the release of the new map “Pegasus Ship”!

In the 22nd century, the planet Gaia faced an invasion from an alien civilization coming from 2.5 million light-years away. Under the corrosion of the alien gene known as “Blue Erosion,” the world order collapsed. After a long confrontation with this alien civilization, people finally breathed a sigh of relief and began to rebuild their home.

Players, as survivors, wake up at this moment, facing the remaining alien forms on the planet, unraveling the conspiracies of evil forces, and revealing the true alien faces beyond light-years. The fate of the planet will be written by the players!

△ 2112: Defending the planet’s glory

The game not only features over a dozen highly realistic terrains such as deserts, swamps, snowy mountains, forests, and devastated lands, but also detailed changes in global lighting and day and night weather. Players can not only explore the map freely, experiencing highly customized interactive gameplay, but also enter mysterious spaceship wreckage, drive through future cyber cities, or infiltrate laboratories to uncover the secrets of alien genes, experiencing a unique post-apocalyptic science fiction atmosphere in all aspects.

△ Post-apocalypse, reigniting the flame of civilization

With high-quality image modeling, detailed and realistic drawing style, the game creates a highly immersive post-apocalyptic survival experience. Adventure, hunting, mining, cooking – survivors need to pay attention to their own health indicators; collection, trading, combination, construction – creating endless possibilities from scratch!

△ Open world, creating our Eden

Facing the invasion of alien creatures, humanity must finally unite. Survivors can build and refurbish artificial islands together, and there are also common living modes to bring a unique gaming experience. You can choose to fight together or build together, creating our future Eden. Let’s go from battle comrades to family!

△ Free shooting, advancing in the future war

The game offers survivors seven categories and dozens of high-tech energy-powered weapons, each with two different skills. Players can freely switch weapons to experience different combat styles, in addition to a unique armor system and a variety of war animal combinations, allowing future players to demonstrate their unique skills, bringing an exciting and thrilling battle experience!

△ Dangers everywhere, full armor team in action

Giant monsters lurking, strange creatures approaching… The game offers a variety of PvP and PvE gameplay modes, including but not limited to multiplayer combat dungeons and team arenas. Survivors can experience the fun of cooperation and competition at the same time. Amazing armors will help survivors and, at the same time, close cooperation with friends during challenges is necessary to test operation and coordination moments!

※ This game contains violence and adult themes, rated advisable for ages 15 and up, according to game software rating guidelines.

※ This game is free to play but offers paid services such as purchasing coins and virtual items within the game. Please spend responsibly, according to your interests and personal capabilities.

※ Please pay attention to gaming time to avoid addiction. Prolonged gaming can affect sleep. Moderate rest and exercise are recommended.

※ This game is represented by the Internet Network Company Ariel. If you have any questions, please contact through the game support channels.

Link to download the APK

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