Counter War: The Future (Nizhan Future) – NEW SHOOTER FROM TENCENT

Tencent Games, known for its successful titles like PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings, is about to launch a new futuristic shooter game, Counter War: The Future (original name: 逆战:未来-逆战手游). The title, which can also be called Reverse War: The Future (Nizhan Future), recently opened its pre-registration in China.

Developed by TiMi Studios, the game promises a futuristic adventure with multiple gameplay modes available. From the trailer (below), the game seems to draw inspiration from mechanics like those seen in Doom Eternal and Titanfall.



Set in the year 2071, Counter War: The Future offers intense action in a futuristic mecha environment. The game serves as a sequel to the 2017 release, Assault Fire/Counter War (Nizhan). Players can expect a variety of gameplay modes, including exploration, dungeon challenges, mecha battles, hunts, and tower defense.

Playing as a time-traveling heroine, players will explore an open world, team up to conquer dungeons, and use advanced weapons and abilities to defeat monsters. The experience promises thrilling aerial and ground combat, piloting of giant mechas, and even space exploration.

While there are no specific details about a global release yet, Tencent is likely to aim for a global experience for such a large-scale game. Availability on mobile and PC platforms will offer fans even more ways to enjoy the game, even though the possibility of cross-play has not been confirmed yet.



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