See Ghostrunner for PC running smoothly on a smartphone via Mobox.

And smartphone emulation of systems continues to impress. A YouTube user managed to run the game Ghostrunner, a 2020 PC game by 505 Games, on a Lenovo Legion Y70 smartphone.

Utilizing the Mobox emulator and WoW64, the user was able to emulate Windows and run the game. The smartphone used was a Lenovo Legion Y70 with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and 16 GB LDDR5.

Check out the feat in the video below:


According to the user, the game ran at an internal resolution of 960×540 on the “low” graphics setting. The game occupied around 34 GB of the phone’s storage, and the FPS remained around 48.

With a cooler attached to the back of the smartphone, its temperature stayed around 37 degrees Celsius.

The winecfg of Wine was set to Windows 10 and DirectX 11.

What is Mobox?

Mobox is an application project aimed at facilitating the execution of Windows x86 architecture programs and games on Android devices using the Box64 emulator (or WoW64) and Wine compatibility layer.
Distinguishing itself from other projects like Winlator, Mobox offers a performance gain of up to 500%. Using Vulkan technology, the project enables the execution of PC games at higher resolutions and better performance on mobile phones. This represents a significant improvement over previous attempts to port PC games to mobile platforms.

However, one of the drawbacks of Mobox is its installation process, which may not seem complicated, but in some cases, errors may occur where it is necessary to reset the smartphone.

Project link:

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