Someone ported Infinity Blade to PC (WINDOWS)

You remember the Infinity Blade? The game for iOS released in 2010 that amazed the gaming industry? The title at the time had graphics that rivaled the PS3 and Xbox 360 and made its way to mobile devices with versions for iPhone and iPad. Well, Infinity Blade has just received an unofficial version for Windows, and it’s excellent.

The news was posted by the channel Infinity Blade Studios, a channel dedicated solely to the game.

Infinity Blade for Windows is available for download, as indicated in the video.


According to the YouTuber, the video’s author, but not the port, the game’s source code was released by Epic more than 10 years ago, and for the past 5 or 6 years, it’s no longer possible to download the game from the App Store unless through “side load.”

This version built from scratch for Windows PCs comes with some improvements. See them below:

  1. Enhanced Graphics: Support for resolutions up to 4K, providing a stunning visual experience.
  2. Improved Frame Rates: Offers a higher frame rate than the mobile version, ensuring smoother and more responsive gameplay.
  3. Advanced Customization Options: Players can adjust the field of view (FOV), disable the user interface (HUD), and access developer commands for a customized gaming experience.
  4. Enhanced Lighting: Complete lighting overhaul, adding new depth and atmosphere to the world of “Infinity Blade.”
  5. Refined Textures: Textures have been improved and refined to provide a high-quality immersive experience.
  6. Portability: The PC version eliminates the need to carry the game on mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy it directly on their computers.
  7. Access to Save Files: Players can access and back up the game’s save files, ensuring their progress is protected.

Who was Infinity Blade

In case you don’t remember, Infinity Blade is a game that’s part RPG, part action, and fighting, where the player takes on the role of a knight trying to avenge their father. As you lose, a generation passes, and your successor will try to win the battle. The game basically consists of facing other enemies and trying to level up the character (or characters) to the maximum until facing the God King with his fearsome “Infinity Blade” sword.

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