Gamesir X2s – new affordable controller with “Switch” grip for Android and iOS

GameSir, a global leader in gaming accessories, announces the launch of the GameSir X2s type-C Controller. The controller, which is compatible with Android phones and iPhones, is the affordable version of the pricier models.

GameSir X2s is the cheapest controller from the brand with a “Switch” look.

Much cheaper than the G8 Galileo, X2 Pro, and X3, the GameSir X2s is an enhanced version of the old X2 and brings as novelties to be even more compact and have analog sticks with Hall Effect technology.

Features of the GameSir X2s:

  • Compatible with iPhone 15, Android
  • Seamless connectivity: leverage the potential of the mobile Type-C port
  • Anti-Drift Analog Sticks with Hall Effect, up to 5 million cycles
  • Precise and durable triggers: enhance your gameplay with Hall Effect triggers
  • Exclusive Turbo function to boost combat speed
  • Screen capture: share your achievements with the world
  • Fully customizable through software: the GameSir app elevates the GameSir X2s Type-C controller
  • Comfortable design: coated design offers comfort and style
  • Supports controller games, cloud games, and game streaming
  • Included Mapper (G-Mode)

Differences between the X2s and the old X2:

Feature GameSir X2s Bluetooth GameSir X2
Compatible Platform iPhone 15, Android Android only (Type-C)
Opening 110-168mm Up to 173 mm
Price $243 $350
Button Layout Xbox-style buttons Micro Switch buttons
Input Left Left
Sticks Hall Effect analog sticks Non-Hall Effect
Triggers Hall Effect analog triggers Non-linear Micro


Cheaper than the G8 Galileo

The G8 Galileo Controller has become one of the most desired in recent months for being one of the best controllers with a Nintendo Switch-like appearance and having Hall Effect analog sticks and pressure-sensitive triggers. However, the higher price may deter many people.
Enter the X2s, which seeks to be an “affordable” version of the G8’s technologies. It literally costs half the price, and with the coupons below, it can be even cheaper.

Where to buy the GameSir X2s?

The GameSir X2s can be purchased on Aliexpress for $45.99
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Official website

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COUPON: x2sfans10off 10% off

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