Best Mobile Games of the Week [ 16-01-2023 ]

Check out the best games of the week for Android and iOS. At the beginning of January, there was no shortage of incredible games to play on the cell phone.

In this article, you will find the best games released last week. The year 2023, started in full swing with releases such as TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge and Flash Party.


best-games-android-ios-week-160123-1024x576 Best Games for Mobile of the week [ 16-01-2023 ]




TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge


The game is a perfect port for the game released for consoles and PC last year. In this revival of the classic 90s game, players will face the foot clan and the Destroyer in a lot of beating in the style “ street fight ”. The game is free to download, but to play you must have a Netflix account.

Download TMNT here on Android and iOS.


Flash Party


Flash Party, XD Entertainment’s “ Smash Bros ” was finally released for Android. The game had already left for iOS last year. In this game, you face other players in online brawler-style matches, with lots of beating and action. You just can’t fall off the platform.

Download Flash Party here on Android and iOS.




Monument Valley left a big hole in our hearts. Since there is no more sequence of the game, the only way to appease this is to play something like Chronescher. This game is highly recommended if you want more Monument Valley-style puzzles.

Download Chronescher here on Android and iOS.


Fatal Fury 3 ACA NEOGEO


Fatal Fury 3 is the new fighting game that SNK has just relaunched on cell phones. Like other classic reissues from the 90s, the game is offline. This game is out before Fatal Fury Real Bout, so if you already have or have played the later Real Bout games, maybe this one will be beaten.

Download Fatal Fury 3 here on Android and iOS.



KartRider: Drift


KartRider is a franchise that featured 3 games on mobile. And it seems that it took the time for the chip to finally fall on Nexon and they launch a game with gameplay similar to Mario Kart 8. But he arrived. KartRider: Drift is exactly what kart game fans wanted on their cell phones.


Download KartRider Drift here on Android and iOS.


Legend of the Moon: Shooting


Legend of the Moon: Shooting is a ship shooting game, the popular shoot’em up. In this style of play, your goal is to dodge enemy bullets and try to complete the stages without suffering damage. The game has paid versions and a free version with ads. A simple game, but without exaggerated monetization. You can download it quietly.

Download here Legend of the moon: shooting no Android and iOS.


Perfect Grind


Perfect Grind is a skateboard game with a visual cartoon that bets on casual gameplay. No realism, just do crazy maneuvers and make as many points as possible. The game had already been released for Android in 2022, but it arrived on iOS just this week.

Download here Perfect Grind on Android and iOS.


Puzzle Gods


Netflix does not stop and has just launched another game for Android and iOS. Puzzle Gods is exactly as the name says, a puzzle game where you have to combine 3 or more objects. Ideal for playing in place of games that abuse monetization or display too many ads.

Download Puzzle Gods here at Android and iOS.


Timberman – The Big Adventure


Of the same producers as the original Timberman, that game that became the “ addiction ” of everyone in 2015, The Big Adventure marks the hero’s arrival at a new level. This new game follows the pattern of classics from the past as Super Mario World.

Download Timberman here on Android and iOS.

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