The Best Mobile Games of the Week (09-08-2023)

Check out fantastic games that have arrived on Android and iOS this week.

In yet another week filled with releases, mobile games have surprised us with a very good collection of games to download and play for free. We also had some paid game releases, and you can check them all out now.

All the games featured in this article are true RELEASES. No “beta this, test that.” Only RELEASES!

Also, see the offline games on Android that are on sale this week.

See the new games that have arrived for Android and iOS.

Best Games for Android and iOS This Week

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is undoubtedly the big release of the week. Square Enix’s game will be a nostalgia-filled journey that promises to bring FF7 fans to tears.

The game is a JRPG with various moments and different mechanics. Relive various moments of FF7 with the addition of new passages that tell a bit of Sephiroth’s story.

Download on Android | iOS
Free Game / In English
Size: 4 GB | Online Game

Ninja Master’s ACA NEOGEO

And SNK doesn’t stop! After releasing Samurai Shodown last week, the producer brings another classic to Android and iOS, Ninja Master.

Ninja Master is a slightly faster game than Samurai Shodown and served as a preview for Last Blade.

In addition to this, SNK also released CYBER-LIP, a lesser-known “Contra” that SNK launched on Neo Geo in the 90s. Both games are offline.

Download on Android | iOS
Paid Game / In English
Size: 100 MB | Offline Game

Sclerosis (Amnesia remake)

Once again, this game has been released on mobile devices.

Sclerosis: The Dark Descent is a very curious game developed by a fan of the Amnesia series and brings an unofficial version of the Frictional Games’ game Amnesia: The Dark Descent to mobile devices. In other words, it’s a fan-made port and has no connection to the official developers. Nonetheless, we’ve brought this offline game out of curiosity.

Download on Android
Free Game / In Portuguese
Size: 968 MB | Offline Game

Aura Kingdom 2 – Evolution

Remember when NFT games were the “Boom” of the moment? Now the situation has reversed. The trend is games that were once NFT but are no longer. This is the case with Aura Kingdom 2 – Evolution.

The game is another “MMORPG of the week,” so we always post one.

Download on Android | iOS
Free Game / In English
Size: 1.7 GB | Online Game

Pirate Boom Boom

Become a pirate and defeat your opponents in a mini-game that’s good for passing the time.

The game has a unique art style, but the gameplay is just that.

Download on Android | iOS
Free Game / In English
Size: 313 MB | Offline Game


Seven Knights Idle Adventure

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is a cute and “Non-playable” version of Seven Knights. Create your party and take on the campaign mode or face other players in 10 v 10 matches. Not sure what “Idle” means? In this type of game, you basically just watch; gameplay involves assembling the party.

Download on Android | iOS
Free Game / In Portuguese
Size: 320 MB | Online Game

And that’s it, folks. Hope you enjoyed it, and have a great weekend. 🙏

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