SIGMAX: Sigma, Free Fire’s lightweight clone is back (DOWNLOAD) APK

SIGMAX, Sigma arena, or simply Sigma is back. The game known as the lightweight Free Fire clone is back on Google Play in early access.

The game returned today (25) with significant modifications, featuring new characters and unique abilities.

SIGMAX is no longer a Battle Royale game, at least not for now. StudioArm is betting on a new type of gameplay, more related to a blend of Valorant and Overwatch.

At least for now, the game does not have a Battle Royale mode, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have one in the future. The game only features “CF Ranqueado” mode, Confronto, and “mata-mata equipe” mode.


The CF mode with a lock might be the Battle Royale mode.

SIGMAX is indeed the same SIGMA as before. The game is on the same download page as when the first version of SIGMA was launched on Google Play.

SIGMAX is filled with new characters with unique abilities.


Description on Google Play:

[Unique Abilities]
Choose from 8 different heroes, each with their own abilities and stories. Play to unlock the potential of heroes with the development system and talent tree, where each one has its own growth trajectory.

[Fast 4×4 Matches]
The Confronto 4×4 mode brings 7-minute matches, team against team.

[Easy to Play]
With intuitive controls and an easy-to-understand visual, you’ll master the hero shooting game experience in just a few minutes.

[Free Events]
Don’t miss a minute of action with our variety of free events. Redeem rewards and accumulate honor while dominating in ranked mode!

Don’t miss this exciting journey! Team up with your friends and experience the thrill of hero shooting games RIGHT NOW! Tap to download SIGMAX!

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Developer: Studio Arm Private Limited
Advertisement: No | Online Game
Contains in-app purchases: Yes
Requires Android 4.4
Language: Portuguese | Size: 500 MB

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