Street Fighter Duel: the best comp / best team for F2P

We already posted a tierlist with the best characters from Street Fighter Duel and after a few days of playing, it’s time to know which composition is best ( comp ) to use, being a Free to play player, that is, who will not spend money on the game.

It is worth remembering that at the moment of the current beta, which is quite initial, the best comp for Free To Play players ( F2P ), according to our opinion is this below:

  • Mad Ryu
  • Chun-li
  • Elena
  • Blanka
  • Support Crimson Viper and Yang

Why is this comp good? This team composition is good for the novice player, the characters are relatively easy to win for free and it is possible to make combos with it that hit several enemies at once.


The comp secret is the synergy between Mad Ryu, Chun-Li and Blanka, which guarantees more attacks for both characters. But it doesn’t stop there. By using Elena as a support that will heal the team, the player is able to keep the team alive longer.

Chun Li has great damage in area and by assembling a combo with Mad Ryu and Blanka it is possible to completely stop opposing attacks.

you can swap chun-li for Guy and focus on attacking the opposing team’s assassin.

Positioning is also important. You need to place a tanker on the front ( Blanka or Makoto ) and Mad Ryu just as a tag support, and make it appear only at the time of Super Combos or when the tanker dies. So, you guarantee a good late game.

How to get these characters? Mad Ryu you basically win by completing missions in the game and it’s easy to turn it into an A +. Chun-li is also very easy to achieve in the system of recruiting fighters. The only problem is Blanka, as he is a difficult character to achieve in the draw.

Other tips:

I have realized that SF duel basically consists of these two strategies:

  • a tanker to absorb blows while others beat
  • characters from the murder class who skip the tanker and directly attack the second or third character in the comp.

Street Fighter Duel is still in its infancy and there are many comps that can overcome this. Like M. Bison with Cammy or Poison. But M.Bison is very difficult to achieve.


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