How to awaken character in Street Fighter Duel and farm Rank S and SSS

Newly launched mobile game Street Fighter Duel, it is not yet possible to draw Rank S and SSS characters in the evocations. Instead, the game has a system where you can use discarded characters and put them together to create a new character. The name of this mechanic is called “ Awakening ”.

In this article, you will see how “ awaken ” your characters and evolved to Rank S or SSS.

Follow these steps to awaken your characters in Street Fighter Duel correctly and efficiently.



How to awaken your character in Street Fighter Duel:

Mechanics summary of “ awakening ”:

  • You need to collect duplicate characters and wake them up.
  • The higher the character’s rating, the less duplicates you need. For example, to evolve a Poison A to S, you need two characters A.
  • The mechanics vary according to the character’s element.
  • Characters B and C can be “ armed ” to create an A that will be used to transform an A into S.
  • The “ fast awakening ” function automates the process, but does not allow you to choose which character will be awakened.


To wake up your character in Street Fighter Duel, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click “ Fighter” and then click “ Awaken”.

Step 2: To wake up your character correctly without wasting resources, select the option “ Awakening ”.

Step 3: Before proceeding, make sure you have the necessary resources to awaken your character. You can waste resources if you are not careful. To protect characters from any error of yours, touch the lock icon to “ locked ” and avoid losing the character.

Step 4. Touch “ wake-up preview ” to see the evolutions available to the characters.

Step 5: In the wake-up section, you will see five important options: Restore, Dispensate, Resume, Replace and Activate.

Step 6: Select “ Awakening ” to update your character. In the beginning, your characters will be classified as C, B, A or S. To update them, you need to have a duplicate of the same character.

Step 7: To “ Awakening ” your character to the next level, you need to have two duplicates of the same character. For example, if you have a Chun-Li character, you will need to get two more Chun-Li to upgrade it to the next level.

Step 8: After having two duplicates, you can upgrade your character to the next level. Repeat this process until you reach the maximum level.

Step 9: Note that you can only upgrade your character to a certain level with duplicates of the same character. To update your character beyond that level, you will need to use duplicates of characters classified as B or higher.


Recover what was spent on a character in Street Fighter Duel

Did you spend what you didn’t want on a character? See how to recover what was spent on the character and invest only in what you want

Step 1. Choose the fight you want to lower his level and recover what was spent

Step 2. Touch “ Restore ” to recover spent items.



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