Street Fighter Duel Guide – re-roll and best teams

Street Fighter Duel brought the classical fighters to a cute and addictive gacha game. In this article, you will see tips for mastering the game’s basic strategy, as well as making re-rolls and choosing the best characters to level up on your team.

Basic Mechanics

This is an idle game that allows you to assemble a team of four units to defeat your opponents using combos. The game’s mechanics are based on fusion, allowing you to increase your characters’ maximum potential as you progress.

To build a successful team, aim for units that can perform at least two combos by chaining their skills. This will enable you to deal more damage or apply buffs and debuffs. Once your A class fighters reach level 61, they can unlock a third combo slot.



Certain units can benefit from specific bonds with other characters, which can provide bonus stats. This is particularly useful once you have multiple bond synergies in place. You can check for bond synergies in the character upgrade menu, but not all fighters have them. Blue units, which are the original units provided for free, can be fused to higher rarities, but they do not have bond synergy. Gacha units obtained through tickets or pulls, on the other hand, will have it.

The game also incorporates an elemental system where you can deal extra damage to enemies with elemental advantage and take more damage if you are weak against it. Each fighter also has a type, such as Power, Tech, or Agility.

  • Fire > Wind > Thunder > Fire
  • Master <=> Infernal
  • Legendary units have no disadvantage

Each fighter also has a type:

  • Power
  • Tech
  • Agility

You can obtain equipment by idle farming or progressing through story stages. Only blue gear and higher can be upgraded.

Later on, you will unlock Global Operation, allowing you to farm for Fighting Souls, which are items that can increase your fighter’s stats and provide special effects. However, you cannot upgrade them initially, as you need to obtain martial fragments from Challenge Divination.

All blue units can be fused to become purple and eventually gold, so it is best not to discard them. However, green units can be discarded for more breakpoints.


How to build a better team


The game itself provides hints on how to create a better team. Teams should have some synergy of elements or storyline. SF Duel explores the Street Fighter lore very well, and this is one of the game’s strong points. Many characters have good synergy.


Need Re-roll?

In my opinion, there’s no need to start the game over again. The game gives you enough resources to progress. Most of the fighters are good. But if you want to start over, you can create a guest account. You’ll get a strong fighter at the beginning. If you play until chapter 3, you’ll have 30 extra chances to get the fighter you want. Then, you can uninstall the game and start again. It takes about 1 hour to do all this, which is quite a long time.

Here are some good fighters to look out for:

  • Chun Li – She’s very fast, which means she can attack first and perform combos. Plus, she can break armor. She’s probably the only fighter you really want on your team if you start over. But remember, you can’t get Chun Li in the first 10 tries.
  • Cammy – She’s not as fast as Chun Li, but she can also break armor.


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