Free stuff at Roblox in March 2023 – clothes, hats, hair

With our list of free Roblox items, you can equip your Roblox avatar with the coolest accessories, hair, clothes and more without spending a single Ro-buck. Stay in fashion without having to spend a lot! The list includes a variety of accessories, jackets, hairstyles and more, which you can get without breaking the seat.

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Check below the list of the latest free Roblox items available at the avatar store. Including hair, accessories, emotes, faces and more to create the perfect avatar without spending a single Ro-buck. Click on the link to go to the item page and click ‘ get ’ to get your equipment.

Applaud Emote
Basic T-Shirt – Gray T-shirt
Belle Of Belfast Long Red Hair Hair
Braided Hair – Blonde Hair
Braided Hair – Cool Brown Hair
Brown Hair Hair
Cameron Bundle
Canvas Shoes – Gray Bundle
Canvas Shoes – White Bundle
Casual Sweats – Black Pants
Charlie Bundle
Collared Leather Jacket – Brown Jacket
Curly Fade – Black Hair
Denim Jacket – Light Wash Jacket
Denny Bundle
Devin Bundle
Dylan Default Bundle
Glenn Bundle
Hooded Jacket – Gray Jacket
International Fedora – Germany Hat
International Fedora – USA Hat
Jade Necklace with Shell Pendant Neck accessory
Junkbot Bundle
Kayden Bundle
Knights of Redcliff: Paladin Bundle
Lavender Updo Hair
Long Ruffle Skirt – White Skirt
Makeup Minimalist Bundle
Man Face Face
Medieval Hood of Mystery Hat
Motorcycle Pants – Brown Pants
Orange Beanie with Black Hair Hair
Parka – Brown Jacket
Parker Bundle
Peyton Bundle
Riley Bundle
Roblox Girl Bundle
Roblox Sneakers – Gray Bundle
Shrug Emote
Skyler Bundle
Sneakers – White Bundle
Stevie Standard Bundle
Straight Bangs – Blonde Hair
Textured Leather Pants – White Pants
The High Seas: Beatrix The Pirate Queen Bundle
Tilt Emote
Top Knot – Blonde Hair
Top Knot – Brown Hair
Trench Coat – White Jacket
True Blue Hair Hair
Wavy Middle Part – Black Hair
Zip Hoodie – Black Jacket
Zip Hoodie – Orange Jacket
Zip Hoodie – Teal Jacket

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