AetherSX2 adds ads and users report emulation performance worsened

A major upheaval in the world of emulation. Version 1.4-3064 of AetherSX2, the latest PS2 emulator for Android on Google Play, has added something that the developer said he would never include: ads.

The developer, or someone who manages the AetherSX2 versions on Google Play, added a new version on March 13, version 1.4-3064.

With this version, the emulator began displaying ads in the menu where the game “isos” are located.


As shown in the image below:

In addition, there are reports that emulation performance has worsened, with loss of performance and overheating.

Other reports indicate that AetherSX2 update 1.4-3064 records various unnecessary logs in internal storage, resulting in useless storage space on the smartphone.

Surrounded by controversy

AetherSX2 originated and ended in controversy. The emulator emerged as an alternative to DamonPS2. After surpassing its rival, the developer made several controversial claims and even claimed to have received death threats. He even shut down the emulator’s official website.

Recently, the developer announced that he would open-source the emulator. Also, a few days ago, the developer’s name on Google Play changed from talreth to just AetherSX2.

Best version

It’s worth noting that the versions of the AetherSX2 emulator available on Google Play are different from the versions available on the now-defunct emulator’s website. Fortunately, we have the link to the latest and best version of the emulator here, version 1.5-3668 (totally ad-free).

Link to the APK of the latest ad-free version of AetherSX2.

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