Vita3K APK: download the PS Vita emulator for Android now

New emulator of PlayStation Vita Arrives at the Market: Vita3K Available for Android!

vita3k-android emulator Vita3K APK: download the PS Vita emulator for Android now

As promised by developer Macdu, the PS Vita emulator was released today ( 12 ) for Android. APK is now available on the project’s Github.



What is Vita 3K

Vita3K, a PlayStation Vita emulator, was released for PC and is also being ported to Android by developer Macdu. Vita3K is a state-of-the-art emulator and already has a wide list of compatible games.

vita-3k-emulator-android-apk Vita3K APK: download the PS Vita emulator for Android now
Vita3K is now available on Google Play.

PC and Android players now have the opportunity to try classic PlayStation Vita games on their own devices, thanks to the advanced Vita3K emulation system. With a growing library of compatible games, players will be able to explore a wide range of titles that were previously only available for the PlayStation Vita console.

Requirements for playing on the Vita3K emulator:

  • A 64-bit ARM64 processor is required.
  • The GPU must support Vulkan 1.0.
  • The operating system must be Android 7.0 or higher.

No specific information was provided on chipset, storage and RAM. The developer informs that devices that meet only the minimum requirements may have limited performance when playing simple 2D games and homebrew titles. During development, the Poco F3 with Snapdragon 870 processor was used.

In addition, the Android port supports custom drivers on Snapdragon devices, with the Adreno 600 series or higher capable of using the Turnip open source graphics driver to improve performance.




Questions and answers:


How to use Vita 3K to play PS Vita games on Android?

  • Step 1. Download and install the Vita 3K APK
  • Step 2. Open Vita 3 app, choose language option (Brazilian Portuguese language is available)
  • Step 3. and choose the option to install the PS Vita Firmware, the Firmware is nothing more than the portable video game system, you can download it directly from the Sony website. You also need to install the “Font Package”. Don’t worry, the emulator downloads them for you.
  • Step 4. Now we need to install the firmware. Tap the “Install Firmware File” option and choose the firmware. Do the same thing for the “Font Package” file.
  • Step 5. After that just tap “Next”, then tap “next” again and the setup is done.


What is the Vita 3K game format?

PS Vita, Vita 3K emulator games format is .PKG format


Where to download games?

Vita 3K games can be found online. For copyright reasons, we cannot share links that involve piracy.



Q: Where can I download Vita3K for Android?
A: You can download the latest version of Android from the Vita3K GitHub release page at ( link TBD ).

Q: Where can I download games for Vita3K?
A: See rule # 1. Support for piracy will not be offered.

Q: What formats are supported?
A: .vpk is NOT compatible with commercial games. For commercial games, you must use your own games dumped in .pkg or .zip format. If you choose .pkg, you must have a work.bin, license file or zRIF string that accompanies you.

Q: How do I dump my games or get a license file?
A: Check out our quick start guide at

Q: What is a vitamin dump? Why can’t I use it?

Q: What are the minimum specifications for the Android version?
A: The current least tested SoC is a UNISOC T618 with 3 GB of RAM and a Mali G52 MP2, which appears to run many games at a consistent frame rate.

Q: What games run?
A: The game compatibility list is constantly updated. You can use the bot in bot-spam or check the list at

Q: Help! My game crashes or has graphics flaws!
A: This emulator is still in the experimental phase, so there will be crashes and graphics failures. Unfortunately, this is how most games are now. If you can, fill out a compatibility report on GitHub and load your log. For a more detailed explanation of how or why certain games are played or not or inconsistencies in the compatibility list, read:

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