Best PS Vita Games for Android ( Vita3K emulator)

With the arrival of Vita3K emulator to the Android, we separate a list with the best PS Vita games that run on the emulator at this point.

best-games-psvita-vita3k-android Best PS Vita Games for Android ( Vita3K )

In this article, you will find games that run more “ mild ” and compatible on the emulator. Yes, we know that there are many incredible games that you would like to run at this point, but according to the list on the website itself, several of these games have bugs and close on their own, so it’s impossible to recommend a game that you won’t be able to enjoy 100%.



The list will be updated as the emulator improves. Be sure to check the other articles as well, to see how to install and configure the emulator:


Child of Light


This game is one of the biggest sins of Ubisoft and its Ubiart studio. How is this game not on cell phones? A crime that the emulator Vita3K comes to correct.

Child of Light is a cute adventure, dubbed in Portuguese, in which we control a little girl named Aurora. As she travels through the mythical land of Lemuria, which is ruled by the evil Queen of the Night, we have to fight creatures and solve puzzles to save the protagonist’s father.


Dragon’s Crown


Dragon’s Crown is a beat ‘ em up 2D with versions for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. There are 6 characters, each with their unique skills and style to fight enemies in a game that mixes beating and RPG.

The character design is very peculiar and there are those who love or hate it. But the gameplay is indisputable. One of the best PlayStation Vita games that can now be enjoyed on Android.


Asphalt Injection


Asphalt Injection is a “ remaster ” from the first Asphalt ( that came out for Android and Nintendo DS ) but with elements from Asphalt 5 and 6. Yes, Gameloft made a “ fruit salad ” in this PS Vita exclusive.


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is a 3D action game featuring the characters from the famous anime. Launched in 2014, this game has great graphics and runs with some difficulty in the emulator. However, when using drivers like turnip-v26-adpkg, framerate improves a lot.


Mortal Kombat


Also known as Mortal Kombat 9, this game is the same game that was released for PlayStation 3. The fighting game brings the cast of famous blood franchise in a complete overhaul of gender and history. The title is known to be a “ soft reboot ” in history. Altogether there are 31 characters entitled to Kratos from the God of War series.


Rayman Origins


Although Android has Rayman games in that style, in Origins, the player fully controls the character. The Origins world is also less linear than in mobile versions.  The game still has some performance problems, but it is possible to reach the end of it.


Soul Sacrifice Delta


One of the heaviest games on the list is Soul Sacrifice Delta. This RPG made by Marvelous AQL and published by Sony, draws attention because it is all in Portuguese and contains a lot of action. Yes, I know that the graphics look like the “ PS2 era ”, but the game made intense use of fog and rain and this weighs heavily on emulation.


And that’s it for now. We know you wanted to play Uncharted Golden Abyss, Sly, Persona 4 and many other PS Vita classics, but in reality, they are crashing even on the PC Vita3K, imagine on the cell phone. We will wait for updates to this emulator.


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Best PS Vita Games for Android ( Vita3K emulator)

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