Someone managed to make Cyberpunk 2077 run on an Android phone

Yes, that’s right, just as you read! Someone managed to make Cyberpunk 2077 run on an Android smartphone. Before you get too excited, know that “run” is one thing, and being playable is quite another.

The news was posted by a Reddit user who showed the game running on a Redmagic 7S Pro, the version with 16 GB of RAM, with an “amazing” average FPS of 2-5 FPS. They used the PC version on Android.



At least the game opened, and that already demonstrates the power and evolution of PC emulation on Android.

To achieve this feat, the user “ItzSpyroGam3r” revealed that they used Box64Droid, a Windows “emulator” for Android that is a bit tricky to handle but fortunately does not require root access.

What is Box64Droid?

Box64Droid is actually a set of scripts that automate the installation and pre-configuration of Box64, Box86, Wine 8, DXVK, and D8VK, which are exactly the “emulators” or compatibility layers.

Box64Droid can already open and start many games, but it’s worth noting that this project is still in the experimental phase.

It’s not possible to play many games to completion, and the chance of completely locking up your smartphone, to the point of needing a “factory reset,” is very high. Additionally, you need a very powerful smartphone to at least open some games.

See here a video on how to install the emulator.


Source: Reddit



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