Unrecord Mobile? REC.O.R.D: Realistic Game Inspired by Unrecord on Android (DOWNLOAD)

REC.O.R.D is a game for Android nicknamed that was released last week and has been catching the attention of players. The game is based on the PC game “Unrecord“, a title that uses Unreal Engine 5 and impressed (and deceived) many people.

The game, which is also just a demo, like Unrecord, has a photorealistic visual that deceives a lot of people.

REC.O.R.D would be the equivalent of an “Unrecord Mobile”.

The graphics with a blurred visual, making use of “chromatic aberration,” draw inspiration from body-cam recordings, a type of content that is very popular on YouTube.



Realistic, but not quite

When playing on a small screen, REC.O.R.D may be impressive, but a closer look reveals that it is a game running at low resolution and heavily using image blurring caused by the “chromatic aberration” + “fish-eye camera style” feature.

There are no features like Ray-Tracing, the textures are modest, and the game still lacks NPCs. The only thing possible is to wander through a scenario, shoot, and follow a drone.

Nevertheless, it remains an impressive technical demo that demonstrates the potential of the mobile platform. Talent is not lacking in the mobile gaming market. The problem, in case you didn’t know, is monetizing this type of game. Unfortunately, we live in an era where most of the audience doesn’t want to pay for mobile games, so any interesting project is destined to have aggressive monetization.

Imagine this as a complete game with VR support? Impressive!

REC.O.R.D is available for free on Android in the Google Play store. The game is completely offline.


Developer: V.G Games
Ad Supported: No | Offline Game
In-app Purchases: No
Requires Android 5.1
Language: English | Size: 133 MB

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