New Need for Speed Mobile features an open world, see how download it!

The new Need for Speed for Mobile developed by Tencent in partnership with EA has entered open testing in China this weekend. The game is everything fans have been waiting for, featuring an impressive open world and jaw-dropping graphics.

The game is being tested on both Android and iOS.

Still without a defined name in the West, the title of the new game could be translated as “Need for Speed Online Mobile”.

Watch the open world gameplay of the new Need for Speed Mobile below:


Also, check out an initial gameplay of “Need for Speed Online Mobile”.

Beta release note:

The new version of “Need for Speed Online Mobile Edition” is open, drivers are sincerely invited to start together!

05/18/2023 19:53

Dear pilots:

The new version of “Need for Speed Online Mobile Edition” will be updated soon, and we will bring you the first experience of the new game content; this experience is an Android and iOS dual-end without charge, limited number, and file deletion experience, and the experience server is open for a limited time. Limited quantity, first come, first served!

New gameplay method of Huanxin server experience:

1. The rejuvenation experience will start on May 19, 2023. At the same time, the download address of the experience version will be released through the official WeChat circle “Need for Speed Online Mobile Edition” and the QQ channel “Need for Speed Online Mobile Edition”. Drivers are invited to obtain it;

– How to join the official WeChat circle of “Need for Speed Online Mobile”:

Open the mobile version of WeChat-Discovery-Games-search for Need for Speed Online to join.

– How to join the official QQ channel “Need for Speed Online Mobile Edition”:

Open the QQ channel search for Need for Speed, display the mobile version online of Need for Speed and click to join.

2. Android players can download directly through the official download channel of the announcement. iOS users, please complete the qualification document, and TestFlight qualification will be issued to download the game according to the order in which the player completes the time.

The new version experience is in full swing, drivers, let’s speed up!

Need for Speed Online Mobile Edition

May 18, 2023

What is Need for Speed Online Mobile?

Need for Speed Online Mobile is a competitive online open-world racing game. The game involves racing through various parts of a vast city, facing challenges such as drifting, timed races, drag races, and more. In addition to the multiplayer mode, there are also solo challenges to earn parts and unlock new cars.

From the videos, it’s clear that this is an impressive game that aims to push the boundaries between mobile and console gaming.

Need for Speed Online Mobile is set to compete directly with games like CarX Street and promises to deliver a similar level of intensity. However, being developed by the Timi studio, it may be optimized for mid-range mobile devices.

What is the size of Need for Speed Online Mobile?

The total size of Need for Speed Online Mobile so far is 6.24GB

There is currently no release date scheduled for Need for Speed Online Mobile in the West.

How to download and play Need for Speed Online Mobile?

Downloading and playing the game is quite simple:

  1. Download the APK here
  2. Use the WeChat app to log in to the game
  3. If you don’t have WeChat, download it and ask a friend to add you. Don’t have friends with WeChat? Join our Facebook group.
  4. Enjoy the game. NFS Online Mobile doesn’t require a VPN. Download it soon as the beta test is for a limited time.


Official website:

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