Mobile emulator already runs Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom at 60 FPS

And the NX Team strikes again! The developers of the Nintendo Switch emulator for Android, EGG NS, have announced that the new update is now able to run The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom at 60fps. The current version of the emulator is 4.1.6.

The team behind the controversial Chinese emulator has even provided a tutorial on how to emulate the new Nintendo game (the text is currently down on their website).

Since the EGG NS emulator is made from copied code of Yuzu, any new features that arrive on the Nintendo Switch emulator for Windows quickly make their way to the EGG NS.

This is what happened with the Totk Dynamic FPS Mod, which unlocks the framerate of the new “Zelda”.


To achieve 60 fps in the emulation of Tears of the Kingdom, a really powerful Android smartphone is required.

However, the emulator cannot run the game in its entirety and also cannot maintain 60 FPS for very long.

Nevertheless, it is an impressive fact that demonstrates the power of emulation on smartphones.

With the cancellation of the Skyline project, the EGG NS is the only emulator currently in use on Android, and is even available on Google Play.

Check out the game running on a smartphone. Credits to the Tive Dorian channel.

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