15 Best Android Games Similar to The Legend of Zelda

Green fields, a sword, a shield, and a vast world to explore. The franchise The Legend of Zelda popularized the open-world genre as we know it today.

In the 80s, home video game adventures were primarily side-scrolling games. Then, a game with a vast world to explore would be released, where players could get lost in a multitude of screens.

This initial adventure of Link would forever be etched in the minds of children who grew up and became developers.

Although many may think that many games are created “in the Zelda style” just for money, it takes a lot of love to make a game in this style truly good on mobile devices.


Here are the best Zelda-inspired games for Android.

Android Games in the Style of The Legend of Zelda



Oceanhorn is the most well-known and the first adventure that comes to mind when talking about “Zelda for Android.” It was developed by Cornfox studio when it was still called Cornfox & Brothers.

In the game, you control a young boy in search of his father, after discovering that his mother was killed by Oceanhorn, a monster that inhabits the region.

The project was first released on iOS in 2013, but the first images of its development surfaced in 2011 and impressed many people. The game caught the attention of the Japanese to such an extent that the small Finnish studio managed to enlist Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito for the soundtrack.

Link to Oceanhorn on Google Play

Android 4.1 – In Portuguese
Size: 223 MB | Offline Game


The interface is simple, but the scenarios are full of paths and connections.

Swordigo, developed by Touch Foo and released in 2012, is perhaps the best game inspired by the controversial The Legend of Zelda 2. It is free and features simple 3D graphics. However, that’s not why the game is so famous among mobile players.

The success is due to the vast world to explore full of secrets. In the game, you must defeat a wizard who is terrorizing a kingdom.

Link to Swordigo on Google Play

Android 5.0 – In Portuguese
Size: 53 MB | Offline Game

The Swords of Ditto

The Swords of Ditto is an RPG game with Roguelike elements that arrived on Android in 2019.

It is a very little-discussed game but features beautiful artwork reminiscent of old Cartoon Network drawings.

One of the coolest concepts of this game is its “cyclic” format. When you die, a new character takes up the “sword of Ditto” and embarks on a journey to defeat the witch Mormo. However, some time passing is demonstrated, indicating that dying too much might be making things worse.

Link to Swords of Ditto on Google Play

Android 4.0 – In Portuguese
Size: 798 MB | Offline Game

Beyond Oasis: The Story of Thor

A classic Mega Drive game released in 1994 that gained a new life on mobile devices.

The game is often referred to as the Mega Drive’s The Legend of Zelda and offers an incredible journey with beautiful graphics for its time, which still hold up today.

In the game, you play as Prince Ali, who finds a magical bracelet that allows him to summon elemental spirits and fight against an evil sorcerer named Agito. The game takes place on an island and features a large open world, dungeons, and various secrets to discover.

Link to Beyond Oasis on Google Play

Android 4.0 – In English
Size: 50 MB | Offline Game

The Legend of Skyfish Zero

The Legend of Skyfish Zero is an adventure game developed by Mgaia Studio and released in 2018.

In the game’s story, players take on the role of a young heroine named Little Red Hook, who embarks on a journey to save her brother and defeat the evil Skyfish.

In this game, the protagonist’s main weapon is a fishing rod that can be used to attack enemies and “fish” objects from a distance, hence the name “Little Hook.” But it’s worth mentioning that this one is quite short.

Link to Skyfish Zero on Google Play

Android 4.1 – In Portuguese
Size: 118 MB | Offline Game

Evoland 1 and 2

A true journey through the evolution of video games. That’s how the Evoland games can be defined.

In these action RPGs developed and published by Shiro Games, the player experiences not only graphical evolution but also game mechanics evolution.

As a result, players experience various types of gameplay, but with a touch reminiscent of “The Legend of Zelda.”

Link to Evoland on Google Play

Android 5.0 – In English
Size: 300 MB | Offline Game

Cat Quest

Cat Quest is an RPG where the protagonist is literally a cat!


In Cat Quest, you play as a cat who must save the world of Felingard from the threat of the evil dragon Drakoth. The game is full of cat puns.

Cat Quest is light, fun, and has an interesting combat system. Just move the cat towards enemies to attack.

Link to Cat Quest on Google Play

Android 4.1 – In English
Size: 100 MB | Offline Game

Ittle Dew

Ittle Dew is an adventure and puzzle game developed and published by Ludosity.

The game tells the story of Ittle Dew and her inseparable companion, a raccoon named Tippsie, on their journey through a mysterious island filled with puzzles and dangers. The gameplay is centered around solving puzzles and exploring dungeons, with plenty of enemies and bosses to progress through the story.

A second game in the franchise is currently in development and is expected to be released soon for Android.

Link to Ittle Dew on Google Play

Android 4.1 – In English
Size: 100 MB | Offline Game


Sparklite is an action-adventure game developed by Red Blue Games and published by Merge Games. The game is available on Google Play Pass (see here 25 amazing games available on Google Play Pass).

The story takes place in the world of Geodia. Players control a brave mechanic who faces many enemies in search of finding their allies.

The game follows the Roguelike pattern, where you face various challenges in search of upgrades for your character. Additionally, there are many side quests and puzzles to solve. It is one of the best games in “The Legend of Zelda” style for Android.

Link to Sparklite on Google Play

Android 8.0 – In Portuguese
Size: 100 MB | Offline Game

Dungeon and Puzzles – Sokoban

A puzzle game with a touch that strongly resembles “The Legend of Zelda” games. The pixel art is very beautiful!

The game combines puzzle-solving with dungeon exploration very well.

On mobile, this type of game makes a lot of sense as it allows players to stop at any time and play with just one hand. It is ideal for playing on the bus or subway.

Link to Dungeon and Puzzles on Google Play

Android 5.0 – In Portuguese
Size: 32 MB | Offline Game


Moonlighter is an RPG game with shop management elements released in 2018 for various platforms. Nowadays, the game is available on Netflix Games.

Developed by Digital Sun Games, the game features a unique gameplay where you play as a shopkeeper during the day and an adventurer at night.

During the day, you manage your store, setting prices for items and managing inventory. You must ensure that your store is well-stocked with the best equipment and items for the adventurers who visit your town.

The quality of the items you have in stock affects the number of visitors who enter your store, so it’s important to have a variety of quality items to offer.

Link to Moonlighter on Google Play

Android 8.0 – In Portuguese
Size: 351 MB | Offline Game

Other Games with Some Similarities to The Legend of Zelda

There are games that many people see similarities to The Legend of Zelda, but these similarities are only in terms of camera, combat, and others, being more similar to an action RPG.

Ys Chronicles 1 and 2

The mobile versions of Ys Chronicles 1 and 2 were released for Android and iOS in 2015 by DotEmu. The games were adapted for mobile devices and feature virtual controls on the touch screen, as well as support for external controllers for a more precise experience.

Both games feature high-definition 2D graphics with updated visuals while maintaining the classic style of the original games. The soundtrack has also been remastered for the mobile version.

Link to Ys Chronicles on Google Play

Android 5.0 – In English
Size: 100 MB | Offline Game

Adventure of Mana

Adventure of Mana has some similarities to The Legend of Zelda, especially in terms of gameplay and top-down perspective. Both games feature a hero who explores the world, fights enemies, solves puzzles, and collects items to progress in the story. However, Adventure of Mana is more linear in terms of story progression and has a different combat mechanic. Additionally, Adventure of Mana has a more oriental aesthetic, while The Legend of Zelda is more Western in terms of character design and environment.

Adventure of Mana on Google Play

Android 5.0 – In English
Size: 342 MB | Offline Game

Games similar to Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Whether you like it or not, Genshin Impact is quite similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in terms of world exploration. The game’s open world is massive and offers a lot of content to explore. However, it’s worth noting that Genshin Impact is an online RPG with a substantial storyline.

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