How to Raid in Blox Fruits

See how to do Raid in Blox Fruits easily.

In the Roblox game Blox Fruits, it is possible to awaken your fruits and make them more powerful through Raids.

A Raid is a special mission that you can do alone or with friends (it is recommended to do it with friends because they are difficult missions).


To create a Raid, you need to be at a certain level in the game, and you need to spend a good amount of berries. Raids are specific to each fruit.

See how to do it in this uncomplicated tutorial:

Requirements to do a Raid:

  • Be at level 1100 or have a friend at that level
  • 100,000 berries or sacrifice a fruit that you don’t want to do a Raid

How to do Raid in Blox Fruits:

Step 1. Go to the laboratory on the Hot and Cold Island in Sea 2.

Step 2. Right at the entrance, there is a computer with buttons. Press this sequence: red, blue, green, and blue.

Step 3. A secret door will open on the left side, enter it.

Step 4. Talk to an NPC who is a mysterious scientist.

Step 5. Choose the raid whose fruit you want to awaken. For example: Fire fruit, choose the Flame Raid.

Step 6. Pay 100,000 berries to get the microchip every two hours.

Step 7. You can give any fruit you don’t want to access the raid immediately.

Step 8. Take the microchip, enter the blue tube, and press the button to enter the Raid.

Step 9. If it’s your friend who’s at level 1100, he should enter the blue tube, and you should enter the transparent tube next to it.

And that’s it! These are the necessary steps to do a Raid in the Roblox Blox Fruits game.

Remember that raids are very difficult missions and you need to be prepared for combat. Preferably, go with many friends to help you do the Raid.

Have fun!

What are the easiest Raids in Blox Fruits?

Don’t want to suffer? Check out the easiest raids in Blox Fruits:

  • Flame
  • Dark
  • Light


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