Blox Fruits Tier List

Don’t worry about the best improvements of beast, elemental, and natural in your piracy adventures using our updated list of Blox Fruit levels.

If you want to be the most powerful pirate on the high seas of Blox Fruits, you will need the best devil fruits and the power they possess. This can be tricky, with so many sweet and superpowered fruits scattered throughout Roblox’s vast oceanic world, but fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone.

Blox Fruit Character ready to unleash a super blow.

Our list of Blox Fruits levels ranks all the devil fruits you can find in the game so that you can quickly find the delicacy you need to give your brave pirate superpowers. Whether you want to become a legendary dragon, merge with volcanic magma, or simply summon a magical door to escape, these upgrades are the key to unlocking your pirate’s potential.


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What is the Blox Fruit Devil Fruit?

The devil fruit provides a specific boost to your character, whether it’s enhanced speed, extra strength, or improved powers. There are three different types of devil fruits found in Blox Fruit, which are detailed below.

  • Zoan (or beast) – With the Zoan devil fruit, you can transform into a beast or creature powerful enough to destroy enemies
  • Logia (or elemental) – Using the Logia devil fruit gives you elemental powers and makes regular attacks pass through you
  • Paramecia (or natural) – The Paramecia devil fruit is the standard type of devil fruit, offering more basic improvements such as extra strength or speed


Blox Fruit tier list – the best fruits

Blox Fruit level list – the best fruits overall!

Level Fruits
S Leopard, Dragon, Poison, Thunder, Buddha, Spider, Dough, Shadow, Soul, Dark
A Phoenix, Thunder, Control, Light, Magma, Flame, Earthquake, Rope, Barrier
B Ice, Sand, Paw, Door, Gravity, Diamond
C Love, Rubber, Spring, Smoke, Falcon
D Spin, Thorn, Kilo, Slash, Bomb

Blox Fruit Level List – Best Zoan Devil Fruits or Beasts

Although there are few beast-type Devil Fruits, three of them are among the most powerful in all of Blox Fruits. Grab these power-ups if you want to become the king of pirates soon.

Level Zoan Fruits
S Leopard, Dragon, Buddha
A Phoenix
C Falcon

Blox Fruit Level List – Best Logia or Elemental Devil Fruits

There are more elemental Devil Fruits than beasts, and the effects are quite varied, with Dark standing out. However, level A fruits are also worth it depending on your play style.

Level Logia / Elemental Fruits
S Dark
A Thunder, Flame, Light, Magma
B Sand
C Smoke


Blox Fruit Level List – Best Paramecia or Natural Devil Fruits

Most of the Blox Fruit power-ups are natural Devil Fruits, with several at level S that are worth it, even if they may seem simple. However, there are also many natural Devil Fruits for beginners at levels C and D that are not as interesting for more experienced pirates.

Level Paramecia / Natural Fruits
S Dough, Soul, Venom, Shadow
A Control, Earthquake, String, Barrier
B Paw, Diamond, Door, Gravity, Revive
C Love, Rubber, Spring
D Spin, Thorn, Kilo, Slash, Bomb


There you have it, our complete Blox Fruit level list, with individual rankings for each variation of beast, elemental, and natural Devil Fruits. For more giveaways, check out our All Star Tower Defense codes. Or, for another adventure on the seas, see our picks for the best pirate games. The choice is yours!

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