Boku No Roblox Codes

The codes in Boku at Roblox they are the best way to evolve your character and quickly get the best peculiarities.

The Boku codes on Roblox only give you money, but that’s a good thing. You will use the money in Boku on Roblox to get turns, similar to Shindo Life. Cute gives you new peculiarities for your hero, but it is random what peculiarity you will get. Usually, getting enough money to spend on various peculiarities takes a lot of time and effort, so these codes are a convenient way to get what you want faster.

– InfiniteRaid! – 50,000 in cash
– ThanksFor570k! – Free gifts
– 1MFAVS – 25,000 in cash
– newu1s – 50,000 in cash
– Sc4rySkel3ton – 25,000 in cash
– echoeyesonYT5K – 25,000 in cash



New codes are usually released on important game milestones, holidays and sometimes with developments related to My Hero Academia.


How to redeem codes in Boku No Roblox

See how to rescue Boku codes on Roblox in just a few simple steps:

1. Open the Boku game on Roblox.
2. Enter the game.
3. Click on the three small lines below your character’s level indicator on the left side of the screen.
4. Click on the small clipboard icon ( clipboard ).
5. A small window / menu will appear in the middle of the screen. Click a little to the right of the ( window you should see transparent menus here ). Keep doing this until you reach the “ options ” menu.
6. At the end of the options menu, click the Twitter icon. This will open another window.
7. Enter any active codes you have in the text box in that window and press “ Enter ” to redeem.

That simple! Now you can take advantage of all the rewards and advantages of Boku codes on Roblox. Remember to check frequently for new codes available and use them as quickly as possible, as they can expire!


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