KOF: Survival City is a “ Clash of Clans ” with zombies for Android and iOS

Yes, that’s right! The next game in The King of Fighters on the phone will be a strategy game with elements reminiscent of Clash of Clans.

kof-survival-city-game KOF: Survival City is a "Clash of Clans" with zombies for Android and iOS


Joycity launched the global pre-registration for “ The King of Fighters: Survival City ”, a mobile strategy game based on SNK’s popular fighting game franchise.


In this alternative universe, the nefarious organization known as NESTS is trying to conquer the world through an experimental army composed of cyborgs and infected humans. The player’s goal is to build and strengthen a base, gather resources and join others to combat NESTS.

KOF: Survival City has similarities to popular strategy games like “ Game of War ” and “ Clash of Clans ”. With the option of recruiting fighters from the iconic KOF franchise, the game offers a unique twist in the standard formula. Along with the NESTS battle, players can also engage in PVP battles against other players. Stay tuned for more information.

The funniest thing is the trailer along the same lines as Street Fighter Duel, it seems that it has become fashionable to HIDE THE GAMEPLAY.

See the trailer:


But luckily, there are gameplay images on the game page on Google Play:

kof-survival-city-game-1 KOF: Survival City is a "Clash of Clans" with zombies for Android and iOS

kof-survival-city-game-2 KOF: Survival City is a "Clash of Clans" with zombies for Android and iOS


In one of the screenshots it is possible to see that the game will have no less than 4 internal coins for the game economy.

It might even be interesting, but as we already know that games like this tend to have an extremely exaggerated monetization, our alert for KOF: Survival City remains.

Anyway, there is the pre-registration for those interested



Obs. When I saw the game on Google Play I got scared. I thought it was that old Semi-open world online RPG that was launched in China in 2017.

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