RUMOR: Sigma is from Garena and will be “Free Fire Lite”

Sigma , the new Battle Royale for Android and iOS smartphones , could it actually be a Garena game ? See the facts!

Summary of the Matter:

  • There are many similarities in the internal files of Sigma and Free Fire.
  • Sigma’s studio was recording in Singapore, the same country as Garena’s headquarters.
  • Sigma’s official website is associated with Garena’s websites.


sigma-free-fire-2-1 RUMOR: Sigma is from Garena and will be “Free Fire Lite”


When it appeared on Google Play a few days ago, Sigma caused (and still causes) a lot of noise due to its similarity to Free Fire.

The game with a cartoonish look is very light and has mechanics and maps very similar to those of Free Fire.

The studio that published Sigma, Studio Arm , pulled the game from Google Play.

Many imagined that it was Garena who had it removed, but the reality could be quite different.

Sigma was removed from the Play Store, not by Garena, but by Studio Arm itself, as there was instability on the servers due to downloads.


In just two days, the game, which was not even released, reached 500,000 downloads . They reported this within the game itself.

sigma-br-mensagem-devs-1024x461 RUMOR: Sigma is from Garena and will be “Free Fire Lite”


The similarities between Sigma and Free Fire go beyond gameplay and mechanics. The game really behaves as if it were a version of Free Fire.

Check out what we’ve discovered so far about Sigma, the game of the moment for Android.


Sigma and Free Fire have almost identical file structure

Sigma and Free Fire have very similar internal file structure.

The similarity is so great that some files are literally identical.

structure-files-free-fire-sigma-1024x645 RUMOR: Sigma is from Garena and will be “Free Fire Lite”
Free Fire on the left and Sigma on the right, files and folders with the same name.


When opening the folder “Android/data/com.studioarm.sigma/files” we discover that Sigma is made in Unity, as well as Free Fire.

Check it out, just like Free Fire, Sigma has a file with all the activity log and device information.


Yes, many games do this, but the issue is the name of the log file, which is identical to the Free Fire one : ffrtc_log.txt .

Unity games always have folders like: Contentcache, il2pp and ShadersStripSettings. However, please note that folders such as ImageCache and MReplays are not common and exist in the installation of both games . These folders don’t usually exist in other games that use Unity’s graphics engine.


Which brings us to this question: who is this “Studio Arm”?


Who is StudioArm?

Little is known about the mysterious studio. But according to the OpenGovSG website, Studio Arm was registered on November 8, 2021 in Singapore. There’s even an address on the website: One Raffles Place 048616.

That’s right, according to the OpenGovSG website, Studio Arm is a few kilometers from Garena’s main headquarters. RUMOR: Sigma is from Garena and will be “Free Fire Lite”
According to the OpenGovSG website, Studio Arm’s headquarters are close to Garena’s headquarters.



As is known, when publishing a game on Google Play it is necessary to link it to a privacy policy page, which is available in the app store.


The game has already been removed from Google Play, but we managed to save the link which is this one .

There isn’t much relevant information on the link, just that “Studio Arm” and “Daemon Studio” are names for the same studio. In other words, the studio that published the game is the same studio that developed it.

Still on the privacy policy page, we can capture that it was updated on November 1, 2022.

In possession of the official website of the Sigma game, which is, we can discover the IP (Internet Protocol) and location.

The IP of Sigma’s official website is in the United States.

“Haha it’s not in Singapore, take that”.

But calm down, this could be due to some CDN (Content Delivery Network – Content Delivery Network), which is a caching system that saves website versions to deliver faster. Remember this type of page is static, it doesn’t need to link directly to a server in Singapore.

Website registration data is hidden on Godaddy, but we managed to find out that it was registered on the 24th of October 2022.


But wait, there’s more!


Official website within Garena’s domains

According to the Onyphe site, which is a search site that traces DNS routes and discovers, not only the origin of a domain, but also to whom it is associated, the IP of the site, originated, look at this, within from Garena’s set of domains!

sigma-garena-ONYPHE-Cyber-Defense-Search-Engine RUMOR: Sigma is from Garena and will be “Free Fire Lite”


In the image above, you can see the log of a search on Onyphe that proves that the domain, which was used to host the game’s privacy policy page, is associated with other Garena sites.

The image even proves that Alpha Ace is indeed a Garena game (something we have previously confirmed). This tool also shows that Garena is behind the publication of Total Football and Free Dance, games from other smaller studios that are close to being released in the West.



All that has been said about the Sigma game, and everything that has been found about the Studio Arm, leads us to one conclusion. And the bottom line is that there are only three possibilities:

  1. The studio stole Free Fire’s source code and design.
  2. Studio Arm is, in fact, a studio hired by Garena to make a lighter version of Free Fire, that is, the so-called “Free Fire Lite”.
  3. Everything is an amazing coincidence and they got the names of the folders and the log file right by “chance”, and it is very coincidental that they are located in Singapore.


Below are the reference and research links. All this research took a lot of work. If you are interested in copying any part of the article, please cite us as the source .



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