Now you can run God of War 2018 on Android

The user Autoridade Android on Youtube managed to run the game God of War 2018 ( version of PC ) on Android, through the project Windows On ARM, which recently received a version with Windows 11, developed by The Renegade Project staff.

god-of-war-2018-mobile Were able to run God of War 2018 on an Android phone

The Renegade Project is a project that aims to make it easier to boot Windows on hardware with ARM64 architecture, such as the most current smartphones and tablets.

The feat was done on a 6GB RAM POCO X3 Pro smartphone. It was even possible to play a little with much impaired graphics and resolution. However, it is worth remembering, it is not cloud gaming, everything is running locally with the Adreno 640 GPU rendering the game.


But in terms of performance, it is not good to get excited. The game is running at an incredible 10fps, with asset rendering issues. But it is already something.

And what do you think? Will we have another emulation on the unlocked smartphones soon?

It is worth remembering that making this type of gambiarra gives a gigantic job, so it is worth going there to check out the Android Authority channel on Youtube that deserves all the credits.


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