Goodbye Free Fire? Alpha Ace a new shooting game by Garena

It seems that the Free Fire fad is really passing. Even Garena is investing in a new shooting game. Alpha Ace, a game that we have already discussed here on the site, and which looks a lot like CS:GO, appeared on Google Play with a seal and publication by Garena. The new game is in closed testing, but we have the test links.

In Alpha Ace, two teams of five players face each other on maps with objectives such as defuse (defuse bomb) or team Deathmatch. From movement to gameplay, everything in the game feels like it was inspired by Counter Strike Global Offensice (CS:GO).

Alpha Ace entered tests on Google Play do Brazil this Monday (20). However, it may be that after the publication of this article, the test page is no longer accessible in Brazil.


Yea! Garena invests in games other than Free Fire in several countries, but this is the first time the company has invested in an unknown shooter with the potential to overshadow Free Fire.

Is the publisher already looking for its “Free Fire 2”?

But if you are lost not knowing who is Alpha Ace and which is from this second label of Garena, called Garena International II. Here’s a brief explanation.



Gameplay vídeo:





About Alpha Ace

Alpha Ace first appeared in February 2021 under the name Global Offensive Mobile. At the time, the game had many similarities to Counter Strike Global Offensice (CS:GO) and many mobile gamers were quite excited about the novelty. However, the similarities were many, and the game could easily be accused of plagiarism.

At that time, the game appeared as developed by the Thai studio Cheese WT.

The game even had a server on Discord where one of the moderators was connected to Perfect World games. However, it seems that the partnership with Perfect World did not work out, and the game was terminated without warning. The game disappeared without a trace in March.

In May 2021, the game returned to life with the name “The Origin Mission”. After a brief global test and another in Thailand, the developers disappeared again.

So in January 2022, the game returns under the name of Alpha Ace, looking very different from before, and avoiding obvious similarities with CS:GO maps and weapons. This time, it was Skang Studio that signed the game.

It seems that the changes worked and caught Garena’s attention. The game appeared this week in beta testing on Google Play under the Garena International II seal.


What is  Garena International II?

Garena International II is another page on Google Play that Garena uses to test smaller games.

At first, we thought it was all “fake”, but after an investigation it became clear that it really is part of Garena.

The Alpha Ace test page leads to the same developer where Reino dos Piratas is, another Garena game that has been in testing since November 2021.

And how do we know that this is not a company trying to impersonate Garena? Well, with over a million downloads, Reino dos Piratas has a support page that is on the domain of

In addition, the iOS version of Reino dos Piratas is registered in the App Store by Garena with the trademark seal.

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