What are all the new CS2 Kilowatt Case Skins & Knives?


With all the things happening in our personal and professional lives, it can be challenging to keep up with updates from CS2. These updates are important because they provide insights into the CS2 market, prices, new items, and more. However, if you’re interested in learning about the CS2 Kilowatt Case, you’re already quite up to date with CS2 news, as the case was just released two weeks ago. In this article, we’ll start with CS2 cases in general, but later, we’ll move to the Kilowatt Case and discuss its contents, including weapon skins and special items, as well as its cost and everything else you need to know about it. Let’s dive in!


H2: Everything you need to know about CS2 Cases

Before moving to specific cases, there are some basics about CS2 cases that you need to be familiar with:


H3: What CS2 Cases Are

Cases are boxes that hold a variety of items such as weapon skins, knives, gloves, and other items. These cases are valued  by players for the chance to obtain rare and valuable items. To open a case, players need to use a key specific to that case type. Keys are typically purchased from the in-game store or acquired through trading with other players. The contents of the case are then revealed through a randomized process, where one item from the case’s pool is selected for the player. The revealed items can vary greatly in rarity and value. Common items are more frequently revealed, while rare and extremely valuable items are much harder to obtain. Each case has a predetermined pool of items from which one is selected upon opening. However, the chance of receiving a particular item within that pool is determined by its rarity.


H3: How to Obtain CS2 Cases

While cases were initially thought to drop during gameplay, nowadays, there are plenty of ways to obtain CS2 cases:


  • In-game Drops: CS2 cases have a chance to drop as rewards at the end of matches while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The drop rate is random, and it’s influenced by factors such as playtime and participation in matches. Players have a limited number of drops per week, which reset on a weekly basis. This method offers players the chance to obtain cases without spending additional currency or real money, making it a popular option for many players.


  • Purchase from the In-game Store: Another method of obtaining CS2 cases is by purchasing them directly from the in-game store. Players can use in-game currency, such as Steam Wallet funds, to buy cases. Each case has a fixed price, and players can choose which specific cases they want to purchase. Alternatively, players can use real money to buy keys to open the cases they already possess. This method provides a direct way to acquire cases without relying on chance drops.


  • Trading with Other Players: CS2 cases can also be acquired through trading with other players. Players can list their cases for trade on the Steam Community Market or trade them directly with other players in the game. This method allows players to exchange cases they don’t want for cases they desire or other in-game items. Additionally, players can use third-party trading websites or forums to find trading partners and negotiate deals. Trading offers a flexible way to obtain cases by leveraging the items players already possess.


H3: The Benefits of Opening CS2 Cases

Opening CS2 cases provides players with the opportunity to obtain high-value, rare items at a lower cost compared to purchasing them directly from the Steam Community Market. While the chances of receiving such items are random, successful case openings can yield valuable skins that may have otherwise been prohibitively expensive to acquire.

H2: Facts about the CS2 Kilowatt Case

As you may already know, the skins we see in CS2 are actually transferred from CS:GO. CS2 didn’t have its own skins until February 2024, when we witnessed the release of some of the best skins in the gaming world for this special occasion. This update, titled “The First Actual CS2 Skins,” introduced the CS2 Kilowatt Case.

The case contains a total of 30 items, with 13 of them being special knife skins. With a Base grade rarity, the case can easily be obtained during regular gameplay, and there are already people who have received it as an end-of-match reward. The case is opened with a Kilowatt Case Key, which you need to purchase or obtain separately. In terms of pricing, on the release date, the skin started to be traded at $6.65, but over time, the price slowly decreased to $2.97. The price for the key is approximately $4, making the total cost of opening the Kilowatt Case approximately $7 for now. Read below to see what it contains and decide if you think it’s one of the best CS2 cases to open or not.


H2: CS2 Kilowatt Case Skins

Ready to discover the super fresh CS2 skins? Here are several of the best ones:


H3: AK-47 | Inheritance

Released as part of the same update, the AK-47 | Inheritance immediately captured the attention of many players upon its release. The skin is available in two colors: blue and white. With its ornamental patterns, it has quickly become a symbol of prestige among players. Additionally, the skin comes with a high price tag on various third-party platforms, ranging from $115 to $1183 depending on the wear condition.


H3: AWP | Chrome Cannon

The AWP | Chrome Cannon is another impeccably designed item featured in the case. This skin boasts a Covert rarity level and offers the coveted StatTrak feature. Available in all wear conditions, the price of the item varies accordingly. Overall, its price has a wide range, fluctuating from $79 to $1,321, with the average price dropping from around $750 to $500. However, this price dip is typical for recently released skins. Instead, you may view it as an opportunity to profit from a “buy low, sell high” approach.


H3: Zeus x27 | Olympus

Let’s wrap up the series with an exquisitely designed pistol skin from the case: the Zeus x27 | Olympus. This skin features a futuristic design, primarily painted in light blue with Zeus’s image prominently displayed. Classified as a rare skin, it comes with a moderate price tag, ranging between $15 and $160 depending on the wear levels. The design has garnered much acclaim from the community, with several professional players such as Taco, AdreN, and jL already adding this skin to their inventories.



Cases are considered to be great ways of obtaining skins in the game. With so many cases available and recent updates introducing new ones, it can be challenging to keep track of them all. That’s exactly why we wanted to help you with this article. We started by refreshing our minds on general cases, then delved into one of the recently released CS2 cases – the Kilowatt Case. We discussed what it is, its contents, and listed several notable items from this case. We hope you enjoyed it!