How to play OpenBor on Android (INSTALLATION AND GAMES)

In the world of mobile gaming, there’s an “emulator” that few people talk about but contains incredible games. I’m talking, of course, about OpenBor. The app focuses on Beat’em Up style games, or “Street Fighting” created by users passionate about the genre. See how to install and play these games on your phone.

In this article, in addition to learning how to install OpenBor on an Android phone, you’ll learn how to configure the controls in the emulator and also where to download the main OpenBor games. Get ready to embark on a new world of “street fighting” style games.





What is OpenBor?

OpenBor, short for “Beats of Rage Open-source”, is a flexible game engine that allows game enthusiasts to develop their own titles in the style of games like Final Fight or Street of Rage.

Since its inception, it has expanded to support an even wider variety of game styles, becoming a favorite among independent developers and players who appreciate customized and creative titles.

As you can see, OpenBor is like a Mugen for street fighting games.



Installing OpenBor on Android

Step 1: Download the OpenBor APK

The first step is to download the OpenBor app suitable for Android devices. It’s not available on the Google Play Store, but we have the APK here.


APK LINK – latest version (Version 3.0 Build 6391 from 2020)


APK LINK 2 – older version (Version 3.0 Build 4161 year 2015)


Make sure to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources in your Android device’s security settings before proceeding.




Step 2: Install OpenBor

Once the APK file is downloaded, open it on your device and follow the installation instructions. This process is quite straightforward, similar to installing any other app outside of the Google Play Store.


OpenBor screen on Android with 2 games already installed.


For ease, leave the OpenBOR folder at the root of the Android system.



Step 3: Download OpenBor Games

With OpenBor installed, the next step is to find games to play. There’s an active community around OpenBor, with many developers creating and sharing their games. Websites dedicated to the OpenBor community, forums, and repositories are great places to start your search.


Where to find OpenBor games:




Step 4: Add the Games to OpenBor

After downloading the games of your choice, you’ll need to transfer them to your Android device. Connect your device to the computer or download the games directly through your phone’s browser.

When downloading OpenBor games, it’s normal for the game to come in the PC format with the emulator and settings. However, we only need the “.PAK” file. Locate the file in the game folder, and move it to the “Paks” folder in OpenBor on Android.



Folder to place the OpenBor games.




Playing OpenBor on Android

With OpenBor and your chosen games properly installed, opening the OpenBor app will display a list of the available games. Just tap on the game you want to play, and you’ll be transported to a nostalgic and exciting gaming experience.



Tips for a Better Gaming Experience

  • Bluetooth Controls

It’s possible to configure Bluetooth controls to improve the gaming experience. The control configuration menu is inside each game, and you need to configure one by one.

A good option is to use a controller like those from Gamesir (X2, X3, and G8 Galileo) that have screen mapping, and you can configure the controller once, and it will work in all games.

  • Get to know the OpenBor community


Recommended games:


Night Slasher X Rebalanced

For me, the best OpenBor game. An excellent game that takes an unknown classic and adds incredible gameplay with PARRY, combos, and much more.

Download Rebalanced.

Download the first version  – the best and most difficult, almost a “Dark Souls” of Beat’em up.


Fight History Revenge

Another example of how to take an unknown classic and turn it into an incredible game. Fight History was a fighting game in the style of Street Fighter, but the developer decided to turn it into a beat’em up game.




World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra

Features a rich combat system with dedicated punch and kick buttons, allowing for fluid and varied combos. The hazards of the scenario and the diversity in the stages add an extra layer of dynamism to the game.



Art of Fighting Trouble in South Town

Brings a cinematic approach to the narrative, with a combat system that uses four buttons and combos based on proximity to the opponent. The immersive story and technical gameplay stand out in this title.



He-Man and She-Ra





  • When you open OpenBor and there are no games in the “Paks” folder, it’s normal for the emulator to close on its own.


  • The emulator is a bit tricky to configure controls. When you go to the options and choose “Gamepad Enabled”, it will enable the gamepad for all players, so you need to configure for all, depending on the game. That’s why I suggested using a GameSir controller or any other with a screen mapper, it makes configuration much easier.


  • Some games won’t work on the latest version of OpenBor, you’ll need to use the older version.


  • If neither version works, you can still play OpenBor through the PSP emulator (PPSSPP). Just install OpenBor, then go to the PSP game folder and find the OpenBor and Paks folder.



Playing OpenBor on Android is an excellent way to discover new “Street Fighting” genre games. Especially on Android, where these games are scarce.

Although the community bets a lot on the nostalgia of old series and movies, with games like Dungeons & Dragons, He-man, etc., OpenBor has developers who like a lot of gameplay and challenge, going beyond just “hitting and using the next life”.

With the vast library of games available, your next big adventure in the game is just a few clicks away. Dive in and discover what the OpenBor community has to offer!

Have fun!

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