Farlight 84 vai ganhar modo 120 FPS nos celulares, novo mapa e mais

The development team of Farlight 84 is working at an impressive speed, bringing new features in just a matter of days, something that other Battle Royales have been waiting for years. Among the upcoming features to be introduced in the game is the 120 FPS mode and improved compatibility with lower-end mobile devices.

Image shows a robot with a green hood and the words Farlight 84.
Lilith Games impresses everyone with its incredible agility in fixing bugs and implementing features in Farlight 84 (Photo: Reproduction / Facebook).

The next update for Farlight 84 is coming on June 15th and will include:

The impressive 120 FPS mode will be available for all mobile devices

  • The new 120 FPS mode will be available for smartphones with a display refresh rate of 120Hz and above.

Option to adjust the resolution and make the game more compatible with weaker mobile devices

  • New “minimum” option for weaker mobile devices.
  • Option to adjust the resolution for improved compatibility.
  • (The game was already highly compatible and lightweight, and these new options will make it even lighter).

New Map

The new map is exclusive to the Deathmatch mode.

Polar Point is a secret research facility of Prism with a unique magnetic field. Being the “nearest location” in the universe, it was chosen as the launch site for Project Ark. Unfortunately, when the Prism Guidance lost control, it was abandoned. It wasn’t until Isle City tracked the spread of Si-42-contaminated water that the location was rediscovered and transformed into a new battlefield as players searched for abandoned resources.


Other additions

Chat Channel

  • Added chat channels divided by language. Chat rooms in the corresponding language will be displayed based on the applied game language, allowing players to communicate in their preferred language.
  • Optimized the chat channel interface style.
  • Optimized interactive performance when sending messages in the chat channel.

Other Adjustments

  • Optimized the experience of dragging Mods in the Inventory.
  • Fixed the bug in the attack detection range of the Transformed Flamethrower Bionic Form.
  • Fixed some known bugs.

New skin roulette event with free chances

New “Arctic Frostwave” chest draw event. As the reconnaissance team ventured into the cold and wind-swept landscape, they were unprepared for the signs of human activity amidst the icy expanse. The abandoned scientific research center and frozen experimental facilities bear witness to a forgotten history. With heightened curiosity, the investigation team advances only to be engulfed by an unprecedented and chilling wave of cold… The chest draw includes:

  • UR Hero Skin – Ducksyde “Bionicist”
  • SSR Weapon Skin – Defender “Aquafrost”
  • SSR Trail – “Arctic Sonnet”
  • SSR Avatar Frame – “Arctic Retreat”
  • SSR Emotes – “Icy Indifference” and “Winter Evening”
  • And tons of other SR items, plenty of Diamonds and Gold, just waiting to be unlocked! Draw duration: [UTC 15/06/2023 05:00] – [UTC 25/08/2023 17:00].

Source: official website

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