Cuphead Mobile was released on Android? Yes and No!

The Cuphead mobile hype has been around for a long time. Since 2017, fans have been speculating about the game’s arrival on cell phones. Even before the Studio MDHR game reached consoles, there was already a rumor of a mobile version.

Time passed and that version never came. What really arrived were several “unofficial” versions made by fans, such as SkailoGames released in 2019.

Do Cuphead fangames have a future on mobile? No! Find out why!

Since 2019, several Cuphead mobile games have been made by fans, the so-called fangames. Although they seem very interesting at first, everyone knows that these projects cannot go forward.


You can search on Youtube there, I hope. Most Cuphead games have been or will be abandoned after a while of production.

Want to know why?

The reason for the cancellation is precisely the success of these fangames.

The producers of Cuphead only need to know about the development, that they trigger their lawyers to send the famous “cease and desist” letter. This is an extra-judicial order that serves as a warning: “Stop and give up”, but for the good connoisseur, it would be something like this: “Stop or we will sue you”.

As they own the game’s copyright, it’s easy to quickly remove any material from the air, including videos.

The most famous case was the Cuphead PE, an iPhone version that appeared on the App Store in 2019.

That’s why most Cuphead Mobile projects don’t go forward. At one time or another, fans who develop these games will receive this letter via email or strike on Youtube.

Cuphead is now available for Android, but via emulation!

If you can’t beat them, emulate them.

That seems to be the mobile mantra for the past few years.

Since Cuphead doesn’t come to cell phones, players decided to go for emulation.

And the target of the time is the Nintendo Switch.

Since emulating other heavier systems is out of the question, gamers set out to emulate Nintendo’s handheld.

The emulator used for this is the brand new Skyline, a recent but very promising project that has the advantage of not requiring USB-C control.

The great advantage of Skyline is that it does not require any control. You can play with on-screen commands.

The Skyline emulation is still not perfect, but it is already possible to play much of the beginning of Cuphead without problems on high-end smartphones.

The emulated game still has issues like frame rate drops, especially as you progress through the cuphead adventure.

Below you can see a video from the channel “Senhor Linguiça” showing the Cuphead emulation of Nintendo Switch on Android.


Link to Skylin,  emulator for Nintendo Switch on Android


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