Mickey Castle of Illusion mysteriously returned to Google Play

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, or simply Mickey Castle of Illusion, the remake, has just returned to Google Play. the game resurfaced in the app store with a price of R $ 15.99.

On iOS, Castle of Illusion was also removed and also returned. However, on iOS, the game returned in 2020.

Developed by Sega Studios Australia, Castle of Illusion 3D had versions for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms in 2013, until finally reaching mobile in 2014. The game is a reinterpretation of the 1990 classic, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, with graphics and 3D gameplay.

castleofillusion Mickey Castle of Illusion mysteriously returned to Google Play


For younger fans as well as longtime fans, this Mickey relaunch: Castle of Illusion is an opportunity to relive the 3D game that was released a long time ago. This mobile version is a port of the PC version, but with a reduction in some scenarios and phases.

Like the original game, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse 3D stars in the famous Disney character, Mickey Mouse, who must rescue his beloved Minnie from the clutches of the witch Mizrabel, who kidnapped her to steal her youth and beauty. The game takes place in a magical castle full of illusions, challenges and enemies, and the player must help Mickey overcome each phase to advance the story.

The game maintains the essence of the original, but features a number of improvements. The 3D graphics are impressive, with colorful scenery and very lively characters, bringing a sense of magic and enchantment. The gameplay has also been updated, with new mechanics, such as the possibility of launching objects, jumping on the wall and climbing platforms, making the game more dynamic and challenging.

In addition, the game has several customization options for the player, such as different clothes for Mickey and collectible items, that can be acquired throughout the game and used to unlock new skills and bonus levels.



The soundtrack is also a highlight of the game, with songs that refer to the original, but with new versions and arrangements, creating a unique and engaging atmosphere.

Google Play has been very strange these days with games disappearing as Free Fire Max and others returning.



Developer: Disney
Advertising: No | Offline Game
Contains built-in purchases: No
Requires Android 5
Language: English | Size: 700 MB

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